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Rectify - Have Mercy...
“With Rectify we try to create a ‘new’ style, which contains elements from existing ones, while trying to expend these with an own and new approach.” Is a quote from the Rectify biography on their website. The band has released their first full length in the beginning of last year but it never reached the Metalrage headquarters. Recently DemonDust received a couple of albums at a concert and now it lies before me.
Rectify reminds me of Heaven Shall Burn and can be called a band which looks for the ultimate combination of Metal and Hardcore. Some people call this Metalcore but this is nothing like the ordinary so called ‘Metalcore’. The band claims to be influenced by Thrash and Speed metal from the 80’s and 90’s and this is mainly hearable in the brilliant guitar riffs you do not hear at every Metalcore band.
Continuing with the sound, the drummer is clearly influenced by a lot of music. He is switching from blastbeats to simple hardcore drumming. He is using a lot of variations and fills and this gives the music another dimension.
Like I said before the music reminds me of Heaven Shall Burn and that is why this does not sound so original to me. But when you realize this album is almost one year old and the band hails from 2000 it is remarkable to hear a Dutch formation play this kind of heavy material. They use a sound which is more familiar, to me, in German bands.
The production of this record is correct, not tight, a bit raw and it fits the band’s sound. Probably due to financing the record the production has come to this. The cover of the album is less attractive, matt black with shiny black is all there is to see. Overall effective but I always like an eye catcher in the store.
Overall the band managed to release a good album, too bad I am reviewing this album way too late and therefore have heard a lot of other bands doing the same thing. I can recommend this album to people who like the Thrash parts in Metalcore. And if you are into Heaven Shall Burn this album is a must for you.
Rectify - Have Mercy...
72/1001Details Garden of Exile
Released on Monday Feb 28th, 2005

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Friday Jan 6th, 2006

Tags: #Rectify
Tracklisting 01. Introduction (1:56)
02. Forces in Life (2:44)
03. Compete To Ruin (3:36)
04. Indifference Of Good People (3:36)
05. Placed On The Earth (3:10)
06. Exit In The End (2:34)
07. Longing To Be (3:48)
08. Distant Pose (2:58)
09. Brought Into Existence (2:23)
10. Evil By Nature (3:39)
11. Human Choice (4:15)
Line up Menko Visser - Vocals
Dennis Deley - Bass
Danny van Dam - Guitars
Eelke Zegveld - Drums