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Embalming Theatre - The world is a stage... for murder
Embalming Theatre is a Swiss band, playing death/grind in the vein of Repulsion, Terrorizer and Napalm Death. They have already released a rather long list of split-CD’s, 7”es and a full-length: Sweet Chainsaw Melodies. I saw them live once, at the Obscene Extreme fest in Trutnov (CZ). Great music for getting drunk to and moshing with some Czech Crusty’s!! Recorded I only know the two songs from the Obscene-sampler, which I liked, so bring it on!!
The album starts with a blast-beat that lasts almost the entire first song Buried aliveVI: Stabbed, beaten and pregnant. I feel an irresistible urge to turn up the volume… After tree songs it’s so loud I think the people passing through my street can’t hear their own car stereos!! Yes, good people: this rules!! And again I’m getting very thirsty. This is indeed music for getting wasted to, preferably while trashing everything and everyone around you.
Embalming Theatre sounds, as mentioned, a lot like Repulsion or Terrorizer, but they do have their own sound. A kind of chaotic sound that is, because of the drumming. Don’t worry, it’s tight alright, it’s just not that predictable as most bands. The drumming sounds a bit nervous you could say, which makes it even more aggressive. Sneering guitars, mostly played with open strings and a rumbling bass. Gotta love it. The vocals are pretty deep and guttural, but quite understandable (if you listen to a lot of grind that is.) A lot of angry, rushing blasts, but also great mid-paced parts you can dance around to (and take another sip of your beer.)
The lyrics... Now that’s something else. Every song is based on another gruesome, true story. In the booklet they mention the date and event the song is based on. For instance Dead Garbage II: Strangled babies shoved in bags, well, the title pretty much says it all… It happened in October 2003 in Alsace apparently: 4 murdered babies’s found in a bag in the woods. All the lyrics are like this, I guess it’s their way of saying how sick people are. But on the other hand, this is a band with a sense of humour as well. Some of the lyrics are pretty funny, like Get high on a dead dog: June 2003 / Essex : Thieves tried to snort a bag of powder they found. The bag contained the cremated remains of a dog called Charlie.
There’s also a cover on the album: Self Devourment (Hideous Mangleus.) I don’t know the original, but this version sounds cool. And then the last song: Bulldozer Blues, it has a hilarious piano part in the opening of the song and then blasts off like a Blood Duster song: grinding rock ’n roll. With some close harmony singing in the end!! I laughed my balls off, and it’s actually a great song.
Only thing I don’t like about this album are the intro’s and the hidden track, but hey, that’s not the important part anyway. The music is great and so is the production, so I say: if you like grind and you like it old school, you need to get this album!!
Embalming Theatre - The world is a stage... for murder
82/1001Details No Escape Records
Released on Monday Jan 9th, 2006
horror grind

Writer @Semen on Monday Jan 9th, 2006

Tags: #Embalming Theatre
Tracklisting 1. Buried alive VI: stabbed, beaten and pregnant
2. Amputation of the wrong leg part II
3. Punched, burned, strangled and decapitated
4. Living with the mummy
5. Dead garbage II: Strangled baby’s shoved in bags
6. Skull soccer part II
7. Get high on a dead dog
8. Registered sex offender lives here
9. Foetal remains in a trash compactor
10. The world is a stage… for murder
11. Sex slaves
12. Self Devourment (Hideous Mangleus cover)
13. He ate his own penis
14. He attacked her with a chainsaw
15. Bake the baby
16. Severed head in my hand
17. Hot wedding and burning hearts
18. Bulldozer Blues
Line up Marco: vocals
Dave: guitar
Ren´┐Ż: guitar
Heinz: drums
Steve: bass