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Fireball Ministry - Their rock is not our rock
After an EP (on Bong Load) and two full-lengths (on Small Stone and Nuclear Blast) Los Angeles based hard rockers Fireball Ministry (FM) are back with a new album filled with sludgy, thundering rock ‘n roll, on Century Media this time. Bassist Johny Chow is new on this album, furthermore not much has changed. It just got a little better…
FM plays a no-bullshit, straight forward style of rock, a bit like Mot�rhead, AC/DC and bands like that. I’m not going to put too many labels on it, because FM has a very recognizable sound of their own. Especially the vocals stand out; James A. Rota II has a very powerful voice. His low, breathy, clean voice gives a great contrast to his growling, more ferocious way of singing.
The music is mostly mid paced, no rolling double bass salvo’s or thrashy riffs. Just heavy power chords, driving rock rhythms and some nice guitar solos. It all sounds very catchy and indeed: after listening to this album only twice, I started singing along already. It’s actually quite a hard job writing this review, because I can’t stop banging my head and drumming on my desk!
The music might sound like this album came about 30+ years late, but the production is very clean and modern. All the instruments can be heard very well and you don’t even need to turn the volume that high, because the album comes thundering in like a bolt of lightning!
The album title Their rock is not our rock might be a joke, because FM’s music is not that original. It’s like you’ve heard every riff and every rhythm before, but I don’t mind, it sounds great! Personally I would have liked it a bit faster at times, but that’s a matter of taste…
My favourites on the album are the hard hitting Sundown and the catchy, swinging song In the end. The only song I didn’t like�very much is the ballad Hellspeak. Not because I don’t like ballads, I just don’t like this ballad. It’s a bit cheesy and 5.24 min. is just too long for this song.
I like the album cover: a huge stack of Marshall Amps, with Fireball on it, instead of Marshall . Another great feature of FM is their guitar player Emily J. Burton. I like women who rock hard and she sure does! Not to mention the fantastic flaming guitar she plays! (check out the pics on their website.)
So… you like rock which makes you step on the gass a bit more than you should? You like rock that makes you thirsty? You like rock with a groove that’s ideal for fucking to? Then I’m sure you’re gonna like this album!
Fireball Ministry - Their rock is not our rock
80/1001Details Century Media
Released on Monday Jan 30th, 2006
rock \'n roll

Writer @Semen on Monday Jan 9th, 2006

Tags: #Fireball Ministry
Tracklisting 1. It flies again
2. Sundown
3. The Broken
4. In the end
5. Hellspeak
6. Two Tears
7. Under the thunder
8. Spill the demons
9. Rising from the deep
10. Save the saved
Line up James A Rota II: gutars/vocals
Emily J. Burton: guitar/backing vocals
Johny Chow: bass
John Oreshnick: drums