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Paradise - Paradise Hotel

The description for this band showed that they honoured the old-skool rock legend like Kiss, Mötley Crüe and Alice Cooper. I can always appreciate some of that stuff if it’s done in a cool way, so I checked out some songs on their website. I kinda liked those, so I subscribed myself to review the album.

Now, those three bands mentioned above is not all this band has to offer. Paradise is definitely a big fan of a slightly heavier sound, like the Mötley Crüe used to do, but they’ve taken it a step further by creating some stoner orientated riffs every now and then. So think hair metal, heavy riffs and exploding fireworks on stage. If you’re into that, read no more. And if you’re a Voivod fan looking to collect everything they’ve ever recorded, buy this. It features all the members including the recently way to early departed Dennis ‘Piggy’ D’amour, like on Paradise’s previous album.

Guitarist/vocalist Frank Kelly has quite a raw voice that in my opinion could be put to more use, except for sticking to those whohohohohoho thingies, that are around a lot on this disc. But his voice is still pretty comfortable to listen to, accompanies by this kind of music. The music by the way is dripping of bands they’re influenced by, especially Kiss and Mötley Crüe.

The only thing really bothering me about this album is that I believe every song except for the last one is written in the same rhythm. The drummer especially makes that apparent, and that starts to bug me a lot after say like five songs. He tries to so as much with it as possible but I don’t think he succeeded in camouflaging it enough.

But all in all, this album has a monstrous production a lot like Mötley Crüe has, and a lot of songs that stick in your head real fast. I mean after listening to it twice it could sing along choruses already. Catchy yes, original no. Fun when extremely drunk at a party? Definitely!

Paradise - Paradise Hotel
70/1001Details Undertow Recordings
Released on Friday Jan 13th, 2006

Writer @DemonDust on Friday Jan 13th, 2006

Tags: #Paradise
Tracklisting 1. Super 8
2. Aqua Bamboo
3. Banana Bungalow
4. Ocean Five
5. Skyline
6. Eldorado
7. Stardust
8. Lady Luck
9. 4 Queens
10. Empire
11. Riverside
Line up Frank Kelly – vocals, lead & rhythm guitar
Jet Phil – lead & rhythm guitar
Fred Kelly – bass