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Scars - The Nether Hell
I did not know what to review, so I decided to subscribe for something totally different. Our great chief editor acclaimed the album Thrash metal, so I decided to take it. ‘Scars’ from Brazil is the band I’m talking about and I really haven’t had such a blast since the last Destruction record I listened to. ‘Scars’ seem to have their beginning days somewhere in 1991 and have played shows with Anthrax and Kreator and have played over 500 shows. Well, to be honest, I really did not know anything from this band. It turned out that this band broke up somewhere in 1998, but rejoined in 2004. This EP called The Nether Hell is their first effort since 1998 and I really enjoyed the songs!
Starting with Creatures That Come Alive In The Dark, ‘Scars’ crash their way into my existence. This is what I’m talking about! This really is up-tempo heavy thrash like Destruction, Kreator and Sodom. It is obvious ‘Scars’ dislike non-sensing fancy crap and have their hearts in pure eighties Bay Area thrash metal. The vocalist sounds like Max Cavalera in his early days with Sepultura and the music as described above. All six songs thrash hard, but especially the 5th song called Return To The Killing Ground, which is a mid-tempo song with rolling double-bass parts. The average song length is quite long, because the 6 songs have a total length of around 30 minutes.
Scars have accomplished the mission to conquer thrash-souls; this really is a band that can revive the old days. Strictly for fans of bands like Exodus, Destruction and such!
Scars - The Nether Hell
90/1001Details Independent
Released on Thursday Jan 5th, 2006
Thrash Metal

Writer @Mat-Core on Friday Jan 20th, 2006

Tags: #Scars
Tracklisting 1: Creatures That Come Alive In The Dark
2: Warfare
3: Nether Hell
4: Legions (Forgotten By The Gods)
5: Return To The Killing Ground
6: Hidden Roots Of Evil
Line up Vocals - Regis F.
Guitars - Eduardo Boccomino
Guitars - Alex Zeraib
Bass - Andre Sterzza
Drums - Alex Nasser