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Dark Fortress - Seance
When I saw the list for cd’s that had to be reviewed I saw this one: Dark FortressSeance. Oh no another band who has the same name as Dimmu borgir. But it made me curious, would it sound the same?

Alltough I’d never heard of this band before, Dark fortress is not a new band. This German band was founded in 1994 (So they did not copy the name af Dimmu Borgir, because in 1994 in Germany few people did know them) and allready recorded a demo, a split mcd and three albums.

When I put the cd in the player I was relieved, it did not sound like Dimmu Borgir. The first bands that came up in my mind were Thorns and Satyricon. Well that is a good start for me because these bands are two of my favorites. Don’t get me wrong, I like Dimmu Borgir, but I was relieved Dark fortress does not sound like Dimmu Borgir because of the name.

Alltough the songs Catawomb, Requiem Grotesque and While they sleep are not bad at all, they did not get my full attention for some reason. But when the fifth song, To harvest the artefacts of mockery begins to play I’m awake again. It really has this catchy Carpathian Forest like riff. With a nice full speed tempo this song gives a real strong feeling. The next song Poltergeist, again has this typical Satyricon feeling, with some nice catchy midtempo riffs. After that a very slow song takes over, and exactly at the moment it thought it was getting a little boring the tempo went up, so I thought okay, nice done. But after a few seconds it falls back to the first part.

Incide is a typical interlude, a instumental song which sounds like a movie soundtrack. After this interlude, two tracks are left, but Shardfigures cannot convince me. But the last track is just awesome. It is full of emotion. In my opnion this is the best song on the album.

Seance really has some very, very good songs, but however not all the songs are that strong. I my opinion Seance has too few fast parts. None the less this is quite a good album.

Dark Fortress - Seance
75/1001Details Century Media
Released on Monday Jan 30th, 2006
black metal

Writer @Arcane on Sunday Jan 22nd, 2006

Tags: #Dark Fortress
Tracklisting 1.Ghastly Indoctrination
3.Requiem Grotesque
4.While They Sleep
5.To Harvest the Artefacts of Mockery
7.Revolution: Vanity
Line up Azathoth - Vocals
V. Santura - Guitars
Asvargr - Guitars
Draug - Bass
Paymon - Keyboards
Seraph - Drums