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Hawthorne Heights - If Only You Were Lonely
The first time I got to hear Hawthorne Heights (HH) was when I updated my winamp player. You know, you get the song ‘Ohio is for lovers’ for free by downloading this program. This fact only means that they have the right contacts. It kind of surprised me to get that kind off song along with my update. A smart move from their management though.
Now here’s the thing.
Their music: rocking emo for sure. Great skills from all the players. Their songs are built up really good. Every song got that energy that makes I’m pretty sure they rock hard on stage. (check out new tour dates – together with Emery, a kick ass band!!one of my favorites!) It just sounds great. Nice vocals. Good combo between brave clean, rougher clean and screaming. And a great production too, damn!
But here starts my doubt:
Some band just got that thing that makes them special. They got that so called X-factor that makes them one of a kind. But then, on the other hand, you got those bands that are made for the industry. Now don’t get me wrong. Hawthorn Heights music is really good! And I mean that. But in total, I think HH is just too sweet. Especially with lyrics like:
I just wanted you to know
I think about you every night
When I fall asleep
You’re in my dreams
Just like in a movie
That one you want to see
With the happy ending
I’m sorry, but that is even too sweet for Ashley Simpson. And if you see a picture of the band…they all got that typical ‘lets put our hair to one side that will give us a gay look which is cool cuz its emo, yeah!’. Okay, normally….no prob with that. Untill every member is dressed the same. Brave following the ‘rules’ with jeans, rock t-shirt, tatoo’s and an emo haircut. It’s almost like a 50 cent rap culture when all those gangster wannabe’s are dressed up in some kind of pajama with as much bling on their fingers and neck as they can carry. Not to forget the cars and the bitches.

Okay, I’m kinda loosing it here. Yeah, a review is about the music. But just looks too perfect here, and to me it’s just a bit too ‘made’.  
Back to their music. Unfortunately, the promo cd I received got damaged in the mail. That made it happen that I could only listen to the first 7 songs of the album. Too bad, cause I like what they do(with the exception mentioned above). Really, their music wins from their looks and lyrics. It just rocks! So if you’re into emo and (one or so) lyrics like above won’t bother you…go check them out!
Hawthorne Heights - If Only You Were Lonely
69/1001Details Victory Records
Released on Tuesday Feb 28th, 2006

Writer @Maurits on Tuesday Jan 24th, 2006

Tags: #Hawthorne Heights
Tracklisting 1: This Is Who We Are
2: We Are So Last Year
3: I Am on Your Side
4: Pens and Needles
5: Saying Sorry
6: Dead in the Water
7: Breathing in Sequence
8: Light Sleeper
9: Language Lessons
10: Cross Me Off Your List
11: Where Can I Stab Myself in the Ears
12: Decembers
Line up Mica Carly - guitar
Casey Calvert - guitar
Eron Bucciarelly - drums
Matt Ridenour - bass
JT Wootruff - vocals/ guitar