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Chaoswave - The White Noise Within
Chaoswave was born in the summer of 2003 thanks to the initiative of Danish guitar player Henrik 'Guf' Rangstrup (also guitarist of Sinphonia), who a year before had moved to Italy for personal reasons. His aim was to combine aggressive and powerful riffing with a more melodic structure, in the vein of bands such as Nevermore and Control Denied. To be honest, I know neither of the bands mentioned above but I’ll try to give you a good impression of this album.
To start with; the music sounds pretty tight. Heavy riffs are blown into my room with the first track ‘The 3rd Moment Of Madness’, which actually reminds me of Mnemic’s ‘Deathbox’. Now, that is a compliment you know. Though, this music hasn’t got that catchy thing what for example Mnemic does have to me. To me, the problem with Chaoswave is that they simply don’t have an X-factor on this album. This album simply can’t keep my attention longer than four or five tracks. Then I start getting bored and the music slowly disappears in the background of my head. Too bad! Because Chaoswave sure creates some good music on this album.
In the second track, ‘Indifferent’, both vocalists (a male and a female) are combined very well and they actually did it in such a way I even liked it more than the rest of the songs on the album. Unfortunately the first half of the third track is a real part. I mean, an intro of a minute and a half, what’s that for?! I’d say, keep ‘em shorter and play more heavy, up-tempo music.
As for the rest of the album, it’s all kinda the same. There’s just not enough variation in it. At least, that’s how I’m hearing it. I guess this music is meant for ‘melodic metal-fans’ only because I think it’s rather difficult to get ‘into’ it as a non-melodic metal fan. Sorry guys!
Chaoswave - The White Noise Within
65/1001Details DVS Records
Released on Thursday Dec 15th, 2005
Melodic Metal

Writer @Boek on Thursday Jan 26th, 2006

Tags: #Chaoswave
Tracklisting 1. The 3rd Moment of Madness
2. Indifferent
3. Mirror
4. Hate Create
5. The End of Me
6. The Wasteland of Days
7. Paint The Poet Dead
8. Swept Away
9. See Nothing, Hear Nothing, Say Nothing
Line up Giorgia Fadda - Vocals
Fabio Carta - Vocals
Henrik Rangstrup - Guitar
Marco Angioni - Bass
Raphael Saini - Drums