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Bathtub Shitter - Dance Hall Grind
When I saw the name of this band I wanted to review it. Japanese humour grind is something I have heard little of, so this was a nice opportunity to discover this ultra underground genre. This is their second full length album after a bunch of mini releases.
Now to describe this band. The words humour, grind, rock ‘n roll, bullshit and poop come to mind. And that is exactly what this is. Complete and utter ridiculous music, but very funny though. The album starts out with some grindcore created with Nintendo-like sounds, which already put a smile on my face. And then came the real music…
The music consist of grooving rock ‘n roll riffs and blasting grind parts. A lot of experimenting takes place as well, as there are some funky tunes and basslines and some really weird things. For instance there is a track where practically everything is played in reverse except for the vocals.
That also brings me to the most funny part of this album. The vocals must be one of the most ridiculous things I’ve heard in my life. On one hand he has a very brutal grind throat, but on the other hand he does a high pitched scream that cannot be taken seriously. It sounds a bit like your mother would when the kitchen has caught on fire. Extremely funny.
To conclude this all, when stoned and a grindcore fanatic you’ll have a blast listening to this. Personally, after a couple of tracks it does start to bore me a bit. But still, when I play the first three tracks I cannot retain a smile on my face. Say goodbye to Rock ‘n Roll and welcome Shit and Grind!!
Bathtub Shitter - Dance Hall Grind
70/1001Details (S)Hit Jam Records
Released on Sunday Dec 25th, 2005

Writer @DemonDust on Monday Jan 30th, 2006

Tags: #Bathtub Shitter
Tracklisting 1. Introduction
2. Skate Of Bulgaria
3. World Dun Hole
4. Umber
5. Hello Alone
6. Re-Shit
7. The End Of The Rainbow
8. Time Out (D.R.I. cover)
9. Everybody Has The Wet
10. Shit Drop
11. Rest In Piss
12. PS from BS
13. Stihs Latem
Line up Daisuke Tanabe – guitar
Keisuke Sugiyama – drums
Masato Henmarer Morimoto – vocals
Yuki Kuroki – bass