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The Phantom Four - Live At The Diepte
I had to work behind the bar again, and suddenly this band appeared on stage to take me for a trip. And what a trip it was, I was so impressed I wanted to review an album if they had one, even though this has fairly nothing to do with metal. Just ask yourself two things, are you into Quentin Tarantino movies, and do you enjoy the surf-like music that accompanies a lot of the scenes? If it’s a yes, check this out.
I’ll first say what the bad thing about this recording is. As the title says, it’s a live recording. When you look inside the booklet they tell you that it’s their first show ever and they never intended to release it at all. They just wanted to have something for their first fans (of which I am certainly one). So the sound quality is quite poor, especially with the drums. And there are some missed chords and dropped picks/sticks here and there. But the basic idea of what they are trying to do is conveyed just fine.
And that idea is creating psychedelic surf-like (Tarantino) film music. That sentence described exactly what it is. When I witnessed the show I closed my eyes and took the ride. Make sure you have some alcohol and some THC running through your veins and you’re ready to go. Either that, or some LSD might do the trick.
The band consists of four members, namely a drummer, a bassist and two guitar players of which one has that exact Tarantino surfer sound. That guy was also in The Treble Spankers and plays the sitar as well. The fact that there are no vocals only increases the effect of the music. God, listening to the album right now makes me take of in a daze again. Can’t wait to see them again! Full length album coming soon!
The Phantom Four - Live At The Diepte
88/1001Details Mirananda Records
Released on Saturday May 21st, 2005
Spacey Surf Rock

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday Feb 1st, 2006

Tags: #The Phantom Four
Tracklisting 1. Dellamorte Dellamore
2. Rivolta
3. Horst
4. 7-Speed Blender
5. Il Deserto Rosso
6. Sitara
7. Rampam
8. Pintor
9. Malabar
10. Pink-A-Pade
11. Mr. G
12. Remo Rifles
13. Malague´┐Ża
14. Margaya
Line up Phantom Frank – guitar, sitar
Marnix Krabbendam – guitar
Marc de Regt – bass
Niels Jansen – drums