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Action Action - An Army Of Shapes Between Wars
This is something different! So wicked music is popping out of my speakers. Yeah, I’m talking about Action Action. They just released their second album named “An Army Of Shapes Between Wars” and are pretty busy working their way up in the music business.
With 13 songs and over an hour playtime “An Army Of Shapes Between Wars” caught my attention immediately. It didn’t bore me for one minute. Though, most of the songs got that ‘easy to listen’ thing.
Do not expect heavy stuff when you buy this album. Action Action makes a sort of new wave with a great mix of 80’s influenced pop. I don’t think their sound is a one of a kind sound but it’s a nice one! Expect thick guitars layered with levels of synth and keyboards, sort of 80’s Phil Collins drums and melodic vocals.
In most of the songs the guitar and bass are put in the background. The songs are mostly carried by synths/keyboards, vocals and drums. Guitar and bass seem to have a small role in their music. Until on the half of the album when Paper Cliché (track 6) starts to rock. Things are getting a little rougher here when heavy guitar distortions are jumping in.
The production is done well. An electro sound combined with ‘old fashion’ instruments like guitar, bass and drums. Still, I think the vocals sometimes contain a bit too much reverb. The synths and keyboard are really cool! I only dislike the pronouncing of the singer. Sometimes it sounds a bit sloppy and too much like the Killers. Which I don’t feel with this kind of music.
Too bad that I couldn’t listen to the last two songs (my cd got damaged in the mail…again!). I really like this stuff and I think, that even if you are not into easy stuff with a poppy edge, you could also like this album.
Check out their website or download a song at
Action Action - An Army Of Shapes Between Wars
83/1001Details Victory Records
Released on Tuesday Jan 24th, 2006
New Wave

Writer @Maurits on Monday Feb 6th, 2006

Tags: #Action Action
Tracklisting 1 Smoke and Mirrors (4:26)
2 Oh My Dear It\'s Just Chemical Frustration (3:51)
3 Tornado; An Owl (2:52)
4 Sleep Paralysis (5:24)
5 Game (3:17)
6 Paper Clich´┐Ż (3:11)
7 120 Ways to Kill You: An Ilustrated Children\'s Book (5:41)
8 What Temperature Does Air Freeze At? (5:40)
9 Other 90% of the Iceberg (3:08)
10 Analogue Logic (3:04)
11 Don\'t Shoot the Messenger (Not My Idea) (3:14)
12 Attached to the Fifth Story (7:14)
13 Blanket Truth (11:44)
Line up Mark Thomas Kluepfel
Clarke Foley
Adam Manning
Dan Leo