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F.O.B. - Default
Unfortunately I lost the biography for this band, and I have no access to internet from where I’m typing this review at. But I recall that the bio said that they used to make doom metal, and then evolved to black and death metal. Let’s check it out.
You can hear that they have their roots in doom metal occasionally. There is a dark sphere hanging over the entire album, but the pass they play in is mostly quite fast. The music is basically fast pounding death metal with some melodic intermezzo’s here and there. Nothing quite original from this Czech band except for one thing.
Which is that some songs start out with freaky melodic clean guitar parts (especially the first two songs) that actually remind me of stuff that Fantômas does. I don’t think they intended to bring it that way but it still sounds like that and I like it.
The overall production is a bit sloppy and unbalanced I’d say. The fast brutal parts sound pretty much ok, but if it gets to hectic it’s hard to discover the structure they’re playing. The melodic distorted parts sound quite crappy, but fortunately there aren’t much of those.
Another problem is that when the drummer has to do a fast blastbeat he loses an incredible amount of power. I can already see him sitting, making a face like he hasn’t taken a shit for over a week, all red and tight-lipped trying to get it right. The transmissions he does after those blastbeats are in my opinion the easiest there are, a little more creativity would help.
The vocals sound nice and brutal which suits the music best. There is also an occasional higher scream which helps a lot for the variation.
The guitar solo’s have a big part in the music as well, but they’re very melodically aimed, and in death metal I like them to be as nasty as possible. They are quite good if you ask me, especially in the last song, where there are no lyrics, just one big solo.
So overall it’s mainly the sound that takes the quality of this recording a bit under average. But if I listen to what the guitars and bass are doing I hear some pretty cool songs, and it makes me curious about how they would sound in a venue with a great PA. But that did take me like five times of listening to this album, so my advise for them is to spend some more time on the mixing process with upcoming releases.
F.O.B. - Default
69/1001Details IFA Records
Released on Thursday May 19th, 2005
Death metal

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday Feb 8th, 2006

Tags: #F.O.B.
Tracklisting 1. When Knife Cuts Glass
2. Awakening To Dream
3. The Need
4. Lonely Man
5. Just Another Day
6. Land Of Markets
7. Imagination On The Sea
8. God Is Technology
9. Eternal Pain
10. Timeseller
11. Restore Default
Line up Corbow – bass, vocals
Bendis – guitars, vocals
Marty – drums