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Misery Inc. - Random End
Formed in Finland, in late 2001 they wanted to make metal without any lead guitars. They soon changed that plan and released a debut album in 2003. They got noticed by Firebox Records and now they’ve released the follow up to their debut. Let’s check it out!
The music consists of nice up-tempo thrash metal combined with a lot of heavy metal and some metalcore. All quite technical but easy to listen to. The two vocalists vary from very heavy screams and grunts to a lot of clean, slightly melancholic singing. Although I must say that I’m not at all a fan of this use of vocal abilities, one of these guys is very good at it. I mean, he would have probably gotten quite far in the Finnish Idols if you ask me.
Now after concluding that we’re dealing with extremely good musicians that know exactly what they want to do, what else is there to say about this band. To be honest, not quite much. The styles mentioned in the part above is exactly what this band is, and if you’re into that you should get your hands on this album as soon as possible.
Personally I get a bit bored (or perhaps irritated) by the clean vocals, but that’s just my taste for brutality getting in the way. There are enough riffs accompanied by grunts that would probably make my head bang when played at a loud enough volume.
I also must admit, the more I listen to it, the less irritated I get. The first time I had had it after five tracks, then eight, and now I can listen to it fully. But then I must not listen to it again though.
Well to conclude all this mindless jabbering, this disc is a brilliant one if you’re into this style. And I’m guessing that with the right promotion this will be big in no time, because it absolutely has the potential. If they can do on stage what they can do on the record, I have no doubt about Misery Inc. getting there.
Misery Inc. - Random End
84/1001Details Firebox Records
Released on Tuesday Feb 28th, 2006
Melodic metal

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Feb 14th, 2006

Tags: #Misery Inc.
Tracklisting 01. Hymn for Life
02. Fallen Rage
03. Further/Deeper
04. Yesterday\'s Grave
05. Apologies Denied
06. Cyanide
07. Source Of Fatal Addiction
08. Greed Rules the World
09. Truth
10. No Excuse For Weakness
11. …Out Of Here Alive

Line up vocals - Niko Mankinen
vocals - Jules N�veri
guitar - Janne Tolonen
guitar - Teemu Yl�m�ki
drums - Joonas Kauppinen
bass - Aki Heikinheimo