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Silent Voices - Building Up The Apathy
Finnish progmetallers Silent Voices return with their third album Building Up The Apathy, an album which I was quite interested in to hear. Their last effort Infernal was full of Dream Theater esque prog only with a more metal edge, meaning it was harder and darker. After a few spins this certainly is a good follow up but it really is somewhat different.
So what's changed? Well, for starters the songs are longer. Every single one clocks between 6 and 10 minutes, which isn't necesarily good or bad, but not being a band of complex and adventurous instrumental passages, sometimes the songs tend to drag along a little. Thankfully, most of the time this is not the case because of Silent Voices' excellent song writing. 

Second issue is the lack of Dream Theater. Ehm.. what? Yes, I actually liked the band for being a more agressive 'clone' of that band. This record sees Silent Voices come into their own space, which is of course good, but not what I expected.
The only thing that still reminds of their past is the ballad Hollowed which has a DT feel. Actually that's what this band  reminds me of on this album, a (swedish?) band called Hollow, which released one or two albums on Nuclear Blast a few years ago. But this is mostly because of the vocalist and his vocal lines.

So is this any good then? Yes it is. The songs feature a lot of staccato riffing, cool vocal harmonies, tasty sounding synths and the lot. This is still progmetal but it also has some powermetal influences (a few bandmembers are or have been
playing in Sonata Arctica so no surprises there then..) which makes up for a variety of sounds leaving a varied listening experience in their wake.

The real gem of this album comes at the end. The last epic track Into The Flow has a really dark pounding main riff with some haunting synthwork as backup and features probably the most DT esque prog sections of the album, with some cool instrumental
battles an epic chorus and has everything nicely coming together.

So who needs this album? It's a well written, very well produced (not so clinical as you might expect from a progmetal album) and varied record with epic songs, some powermetal influences and some great hooks. If fretboard mania and overly technical prog is more your thing you'd probaly will not like this as much, because of it's not that overly 'I got skillz' mentality.

I personally would have liked some of the Dream Theater influences to stick around a little longer, but hey, you can't have everything. Check this out.
Silent Voices - Building Up The Apathy
80/1001Details Avalon
Released on Thursday Jan 26th, 2006

Writer @Ce-El-Wan on Thursday Feb 16th, 2006

Tags: #Silent Voices
Tracklisting 1. World`s End (9:47)
2. Distorted (6:59)
3. Once Lost Life (6:08)
4. Blood Of Eden (7:48)
5. Corridors (6:09)
6. Hollowed (6:36)
7. The Realm Of Flames (6:09)
8. Into The Flow (10:19)
Line up Michael Henneken - Vocals

Timo Kaupinnen - Guitars

Henrik Klingenberg - Synthesizers, Rhodes and Glockenspiel

Pasi Kauppinen - Bass

Jukka-Pekka Koivisto - Drums