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Trail of Tears - A New Dimension Of Might
This is the magistral new album of a great band who already brought out 2 demo's and 2 full track albums. This is the third album in their history and many times it's said that when a band has success with the 3th album, then the future will be secure!! Well, I just put the disc in and tried to listen to it without prejudice, because I thought the last album profoundemonium wasn't that great. It starts out with ecstatic the song contains a pounding opening riff and continues to grow with the minute. It's quite mid tempo with some funny chores in it, and it sounds WAY better than profoundemonium. A Fate Sealed In Red is also a great song with low bass, and a great chorus. It's a song to my heart!!. Other great songs of the album are Denial And Pride, The Call For Lust and Bloodred Trance. This band with a long history did well to quit with their former singer Helena Iren Michaelsen and the male vocals rule! Especially the combo with female and male vocals works out, because on the last album, the female vocals rules the disc, and that was just a little too much. It seems that the clean vocals on the new cd are good too!! Track Listing: Ecstatic A Fate Sealed in Red Crashing Down Obedience in the Absence of Logic Liquid View Denial and Pride The Call of Lust Splendid Coma Visions Bloodred Trance Caffeine Line Up: Ronny Thorsen - vocals Cathrine Paulsen - female vocals Runar Hansen - lead guitars Terje Heiseldal - guitars Frank Roald Hagen - synthesizers Kjell Rune Hagen - bassguitar Jonathan Perez - drums and percussion Review by: Malkavian