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Neuro Visceral Exhumation - Mass Murder Festival
'We're living in a world gone mad... a crazy world... a world where death is a way of life...' This is just a part of the first track on the CD, an awesome introduction to the Brazilian grinding gore band's follow up to their split 7" with Bradyphygia. The band is formed by John Jorge (bass and vocals), Fred (drums) and Marco Oishi (guitars). These guys are pissed off. They hate. You can almost taste it on the end of your tongue. The album starts off with the intro 'Forcible Sexual Intercourse', to me the perfect introduction to this album. After the intro your ears are blasted to pure gore with the almost impossible drum parts, inhumane low grunts and ass ripping guitar riffs. Some songs really stand out, Female Torso Collection for example. It starts kind of hardcore alike, to turn into a brutal grind song. Perfectly done, just like Thrill To Kill, a cool intro followed by some deep throat screaming and high speed drums and excellent guitar riffs. The only comment I have is the lack of originality, most grindcore bands sound the same and don't want to try to bring something new to the scene,which is just too bad. Conclusion: good album, good production, just misses a spark of originality. Track Listing: 1.Forcible sexual intercourse 2.Ultra Massive Assassination Procedures mp3 3.Subcutaneous defleshment (Part II) 4.Carnal Temptation drives me to rape and mutilation 5.Mass murder festival 6.Anti-Human 7.Die Human Race 8.Fatal Anal Sexual Disembowelment 9.Lifelock (gory version) 10.Horrid animal experiments ... in the name of science 11.Exterminate the mankind 12.Female torso collection 13.Anal gut extirpation through her groins 14.Washed in recto-visceral secretions in a collective carnage post inetrcourse 15.After Accident (Dead Indection) 16.Thrill to kill 17.Legalize rapes ... for a happier humanity 18.How to hide a ravished body ... bathtub with sulfuric acid Neuro Visceral Exhumation is: John Jorge (bass and vocals) Fred (drums) Marco Oishi (guitars)
Neuro Visceral Exhumation - Mass Murder Festival
76/1001Details No Escape Records
Released on Monday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @sic on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Neuro Visceral Exhumation
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