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Ever We Fall - We Are But Human
With almost every day a gig, Ever We Fall is working very hard on their career. With songs named as Late Night Dance Party and Schoolyard Crush you’d think they’re dealing with some teenage issues. Especially when they also look like youngsters. Their music instead is very mature.
Easy listening songs fill up their album. You could describe it as a mix between indie, rock, and it even got a poppy edge in it. That together creates a cool mix of catchy melodies full of mood and plenty of energy. I’m not sure if We Are But Human is their debut but otherwise it would be a great kickoff! In total it contains 12 songs which give you over 50 minutes of playtime.
The vocals are a bit high which gives it a bit teenage swing. On the other hand, it matches perfect with the music. You see this more and more, high singing front men. Think of cool bands like C&C, Saosin, Skip The Rush but also more mainstream like James Blunt. Though James Blunt’s voice gets irritating after already one minute. The other bands, include Ever We Fall, keep it interesting. The music that Ever We Fall makes brings you into different moods. Some songs are very serious when other will make you happy.

No Sleep For Dreaming is a sort of indie rock song. It has got a catchy chorus without losing it originality. Bring Em’ In Billy got a very happy sounding vibe. It’s a sort of poppy song with a punky edge. With only those two songs you’ll understand that it is a varied album. The Evacuate! even got a litlle bit of drum and bass beat in it! I like it when bands keep their music interesting. But a very important thing here is that they should know how to keep it authentic. To my opinion Ever We Fall knows exactly how to do this.
I had to get a little bit used to it in the beginning. But in the end it got me!
All together it is a pretty nice record with steady solid songs.
Ever We Fall… good luck on your way up!
Ever We Fall - We Are But Human
82/1001Details hopeless records
Released on Tuesday Feb 21st, 2006
indie pop rock

Writer @Maurits on Tuesday Feb 21st, 2006

Tags: #Ever We Fall
Tracklisting 1. Youth Like Tigers
2. Late Night Dance Party
3. Schoolyard Crush
4. No Sleep For Dreaming
5. Bring \'Em In Billy
6. \"G\"
7. State Bird: The Mosquito
8. No Words To Describe
9. Great Day For An Airstrike
10. Evacuate!
11. My Dog The Senator
12. Welcome To Folson Paradise
Line up Ryan Furlott - guitars
Adam Brazie - vocals, guitar
Matt Szklarz - drums, percussion