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The Break In - Unbowed
In South-East England there appears to be a formidable and influential straight-edge hardcore scene, according to the biography of this band. Now personally I think straight edge is utter nonsense, but it doesn’t mean that the music sucks as well. On the contrary, this band is one of the better hardcore bands I’ve heard in a while.
Hardcore has never been a real original genre in my opinion. So the trick for me is to find something in those bands that makes them stand out, and this one certainly does. They’ve found a way to combine the old-skool hardcore formula with the newer stuff you hear today, without the exaggerated clichés.
The music consists as I said of old and new hardcore, which results in lots of nice bassdrum salvo’s, beatdown riffs and anti-society lyrics. The recording quality is very comfortable to listen to which makes this an even better album for me. Another plus is the vocals, not too punk like, and certainly not too metal like. He has exactly captured that protest sounding vocal touch to his lyrics, which suits this music perfectly. He does remind me of a singer in a different hardcore band I’ve heard, but I don’t seem to able to recall which one it was. Perhaps turning straight edge isn’t such a bad idea at all…
I can’t really find anything bad to say about this ten-track album (with the last track being instrumental), which means to me that they did a splendid job in creating this record. It’s probably gonna get a lot of spins in my cd-player I suspect.
The Break In - Unbowed
79/1001Details In The Deep End Records
Released on Monday Feb 13th, 2006

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Feb 23rd, 2006

Tags: #The Break In
Tracklisting 1. Coffin Dodger
2. Iron Hammers
3. Beneath Contempt
4. Bleed For The Leaches
5. Give Them Hell
6. The Wretched
7. Against Leviathan
8. Wake The Devil
9. We Are The Plague
10. Legion

Line up Anton Jefcoate – Drums
Sammy Crunch – Bass
Dan Frye – Guitar
Richard Shiner – Guitar
Dan Burrows – Vocals