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Artery Eruption - Gouging out the eyes of mutilated infants

Don’t judge a book by its cover. I guess the same goes for Death Metal albums…

But still. The info-sheet proudly tells me the cover artwork and layout was done by Leigh Odom. Apparently the good man has done covers for Dying Fetus, Prophecy and GWAR. The cd booklet tells me it is based on drawings by Tim Odom. Well, with all due respect for a fellow artist (I’m an illustrator myself): this is the worst album cover I ever saw. Seriously, this guy is either under ten, or he’s very untalented. I’m not saying this to piss anyone off, but in a time where albums are really expensive and the market overflowing with releases, I think you should at least have a nice package present your product. Even the layout is bad and cheesy.

Ok, I haven’t even introduced the band to you yet. Artery Eruption is a trio from California and they produce brutal US Death Metal. At least they try very hard to. (Remember: I didn’t judge the music based on the cover, great albums have shitty artwork sometimes.) I really tried, honestly, but I don’t like this album!

I’m a big fan of brutal Death Metal and I don’t mind if an album doesn’t sound perfect. I mean: I love Brodequin, who don’t exactly produce the most clean sounding Death Metal around. But Artery Eruption just sounds bad.

The drumming is just not tight. This guy is trying to drum much faster than he can. Not to speak of the drum-sound: extremely triggered bass drums that sound way too digital and a snare drum like an empty barrel. The guitar riffs are played a lot better, but I’ve heard them all before. Neither the info, nor the booklet tells me where Gouging out the eyes of mutilated infants was recorded, but my guess is in a cave.
Another fact which really makes me dislike this band is some hateful, right wing expressions in the booklet: “This album is very personal for me and goes out to all women who think not before they fuck, then kill their children. You will be fucking brutally tortured…” Brian Mohler.

Grant Mohler (bass player) includes in his thank you-list: “ex-girlfriends, faggots, bi-sexuals, lesbians and any other shit that pisses me off and gives me endless thoughts to express through A.E. Without this band many would be dead.”

Right… I think someone has some unsolved problems here. What can I say, they have Szwartzenecker for a governor and they probably had a tough childhood. I’m sorry, but all I can say is: buy another, better album if you’re looking for good brutal Death Metal.

Did I mention the booklet is even printed the wrong way around? You have to open it on the left side, which means taking it in and out of the tray will harm it sooner than usually.

Artery Eruption - Gouging out the eyes of mutilated infants
40/1001Details goregiastic records
Released on Friday Dec 30th, 2005
brutal death metal

Writer @Semen on Friday Feb 24th, 2006

Tags: #Artery Eruption
Tracklisting 1. Scalped
2. Stimulation in a rigormortified whore
3. Jackhammer headrush
4. Asexual virgin killer
5. Gouging out the eyes of mutilated infants
6. Explosion of a thick, orange, pourage-like substance
7. Inexplicable scrotal mutilation
8. Ripped with anal forcepts
Line up Brian Mohler: guitars, vacals
Grant Mohler: bass, vocals
Darren Williams: drums