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Megaherz - 5
What is it with the Germans? They have one of the worst sounding languages in the world ("Du bist ein voffelwoffel spülenbrügel kraftwerk!") but somehow they seem to disagree with the entire world in this department. If I wanted to count the number of German metal bands that insist on blabbering their repulsive linguistics, I'd be a math prodigy! And if that isn't bad enough, most of these bands dress up as gaylords and sing ridiculous songs with over the top vocals and goofy poses. Add a bagpipe and one has summed up the entire German metal scene.
Now I understand a lot of the German readers of our website will claim that ol' Napalm Lex is a bit psychotic and shouts things that are just untrue about "great bands'' such as In Extremo. But dressing up in a "warrior" suit and singing "drei reiter auf der morgensonne machen einer sloss kaput" isn't quite down-to-earth either, now is it? Kiss my grosse rote zwiebel, i'd say!
So here it is, a new cd. When I read the bio my stomach made a slight "Oomph". 'Cause Megaherz is another group that sings in that lovely language. Oh Scheise. But hold up now, these arty nerds play a decent piece of chewed-up and spat-out Rammstein metal. What fun!
It's quite loud, it's Teutonic, it's Rammstein, Rammstein and a bit of Rammstein on the seite. Add that up with some Rammstein, and you might get a picture of this innovative group. After a song or three the cd makes a huge 180 degree turn to Clawfinger, Oomph, and ammRseint (Rammstein in disguise). Now don't get me wrong. Because "'5" (pronounce "Vuunv", hahaha) holds more than just shockingly original song material, there's room for some laughter too! Just listen to the hilarious harmonies (Genau wir sind die gefülige schlampe pampe!) and you might just have an even better time!
As we all know, megaherz are frequencies that can't be heard by the human ear. Maybe there's a really good record hidden in here, that can only be heard by the 'Malaysian TokkiTokki Frog'. I wish these frogs a very good time with this nonsense; a boring ride through German cliché country. If you are either a Malaysian frog, or a German linguist lover that just can’t get enough of the same thing all over again, do yourself a favour and treat yourself with this classic. I stopped giving a fuck a long time ago!
Ps: It's their fifth album in a long career!
Nope! Still don't give a crap!
Megaherz - 5
30/1001Details S.A.D.
Released on Friday Feb 24th, 2006
Granken Freggel Spugeln

Writer @Lex on Friday Feb 24th, 2006

Tags: #Megaherz
Tracklisting 01 Dein Herz Schl�gt
02 G�ttlich
03 Ja, Genau
04 Gott Sein \'04
05 Wann Wirst Du Gehn?
06 Mach Dich Frei
07 Eigentlich
08 Zeig Mir Dein Gesicht
09 Ebbe&Flaut
10 Komm R�ber (Schattenland)
11 Weiter
12 Es Tut Weh
13 Augenblick
Line up Christian Bystron - Sp�ngelfr�stuck
J�rgen Zink - Ganzenstiefelern
Mathias Eisholz - Krankenspankel
Wenz - Bistrologi�n