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Adair - The destruction of everything is the beginning of something new
Okay, behold, because this is something interesting!!
First impression: nice artwork. A simple cover with on the inside a picture of a volcanic eruption. Below that picture is a poem. It goes like this:
In a future generation, when crops spring up again,
When this wasteland regains its green,
Will men believe that cites and peoples lie beneath?
That in days of old their lands lay closer to the sea?
                                               Statius, Silvae, 4.4.78-84
This poem is translated to English when it’s written in the first century after Christ. The volcano in the cover probably must suggest Vesuvius. That’s the volcano that killed 2000 people in 79 after Christ in the Italian city Pompeii.
The other thing that caught my attention before even hearing a single note were the titles of the first and last song. The first song is named  The destruction of everything (valley of fire) and the last song is named The Beginning Of Something New (city of hope). The album title is nothing less then those two titles combined. That makes is the following: The Destruction Of Everything Is The Beginning Of Something New. Makes you think it is a concept album. Honestly, I have not read all of the lyrics so I don’t dare to say this with a 100% certainty.
Now, their music. First impression here: great producing! How else can that be with nobody less than producer/engineer Allan Hessler (The Used, Story of the Year).
Their first songs is an intro which, I think, suggest the sounding of Veusvius erupting. No wonder it’s named The Destruction Of Everything (valley of fire). Then at their second song, Barricade the Doors, it’s time to rock. A nice up tempo song with some catchy parts in it. The guitars sound great and the drums really make it pounding.
Later on in the album it’s clear that Adair likes variation in their music. They give you a lot more than just rock! You will find all different kind of styles on this album. Some of them are more rocky when others contain indie, metal and even some punk influences. However, it’s not disturbing that the album got that much variation. Their music is well though out.
Songs like Folding And Unfolding got that ‘feel good’ atmosphere in it when songs like
I Buried My Heart In Cosmo Park and The Prison Island got some real evil melodies. You’ll even find some double bass parts on this album. Together with a little bit of hardcore/screamo parts. (Not double bass like in a heavy metal band but more like Thrice.)
Separate Your Jaw is again more rock when Vanity And Death (their faces crumbled away) is more indie-like up-tempo. Then you even got , In The Corner, Quietly Dying. An easy classical instrumental song. Songs that you’d think are very contrary when you talk about style. But in every song you’ll find the spirit of Adair.
A very interesting album which I believe will tell me more every time I’ll listen to it. With titles that make you curious about the whole background and songs that almost could be soundtracks (listen to The Diamond Ring and The Ghosts Of Who We Were) Adair will grap your attention immediately. 
You can go check them out on the Taste Of Chaos Tour going on now through April 15th. They will play with awesome bands like the Deftones, Thrice and many more!!
Adair - The destruction of everything is the beginning of something new
85/1001Details earshot media
Released on Tuesday Feb 21st, 2006
alternative rock

Writer @Maurits on Tuesday Feb 28th, 2006

Tags: #Adair
Tracklisting 1 :The destruction of everything (valley of fire)
2 :Barricade the doors
3 :The art of staying alive
4 :I burried my heart in cosmo park
5 :Separate your law
6 :Folding and unfolding
7 :The prison island
8 :The diamond ring
9 :In the corner, quietly dying
10:Mouths join in the cold
11:Vanity and death (their faces crumbled away)
12:The ghosts of who we were
13:The beginning of something new (city of hope)
Line up Rob Tweedie - vocals, programming
Josh Goldenhersh - guitar,vocals,kaoss, programming
Jeffrey Meyer - bass, whistle
Matt Tuttle - drumms
Patrick Baum - guitar, vocals