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Exhale - Prototype
I was totally unfamiliar with this band from Sweden. They call themself Exhale, and the name rang a bell, but eventually I could not remember hearing this before. After I listened this album for the first time, I was already prejudiced about the rest. GODDAMN!!!!!! What a killer album! I found no information about this band, just that this record called Prototype, is actually their first full-length. 
To start with the first song, I immediately hear influences from Nasum. Grinding guitars, fast drumwork and a very inducing bass sound. ‘Hell Yeah’ I thought and when the 4th song kicked in, I got so excited I could shit! The song is entitled Stangda Dorrar and is available for download on the website, and I really recommend anyone that can appreciate excruciatingly fast grinding to get this song a.s.a.p. To be honest none of the further tracks did give me that rush of that track. The rest of the album is very appreciatable with songs like Bussen Till Helvetet PtI and II, The Lie and Humans Own Defeat. Especially the Exhumed-like parts on Bussen Till... are overwhelming!
I found the album really nice to listen to and I repeat myself by saying that I would recommend it to everyone who can appreciate the newer work of Nasum and bands like My Minds Mine (Without irritating beeps and weeps), FUBAR and most definitely Leng Tch’e. I will definitely keep an eye on this band and will check their later material for sure!
Exhale - Prototype
93/1001Details Emetic Recordings
Released on Friday Feb 10th, 2006

Writer @Mat-Core on Tuesday Feb 28th, 2006

Tags: #Exhale
Tracklisting 1: Besviken Igen
2: Decapitate
3: Hatet
4: Stangda Dorrar
5: Humans Own Defeat
6: The Lie
7: Voices
8: Bussen Till Helvetet pt.1
9: Bussen Till Helvetet pt.2
10: Defy
11: Selfdenial
12: Die Inside
13: It
14: Reflections
Line up Vocals - Ulf
Guitars - Johan
Bass - Johan
Drums - Gurra