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Mindless - Wat doe jij?!?
Okay Dutch speaking people of the world: A album with Dutch lyrics. Who?: Mindloss
NederNumetal zonder Hersens, that is how Mindless describes it own music, For those who don’t speak Dutch (Why actually?): Dutch Numetal without brains. The homebase of Mindless is the city Nijmegen, and you can hear that. The vocalist has this typical Nijmegian accent. Well, you like it or you don’t, I like it.
The music on ‘Wat doe jij?!?’ is a crossover of metal/rock and rap. The band has a ‘normal’ vocalist and a rapper. Actually there is just one band that comes up in my mind which I compare Mindless to, another Dutch band called Van Katoen, but luckily Mindless has a little more variation. Some really heavy passages change into dramatically parts, overall it is very melodic. The compositions are quiet good. Like I said, this band has 2 vocalists, which gives a nice variety.

I can imagine some people think the lyrics are a little controversial. Childporn, abusement and other subject that ore not done. I really like that, the songs really have a meaning. (A reason for all of you to learn Dutch). Alltough the songs have loads of variation, Mindless really has its own recognisable sound. I like this album, but playing it 2 times in a row is too much for me.
Mindless - Wat doe jij?!?
75/1001Details Self released
Released on Tuesday Feb 1st, 2005

Writer @Arcane on Tuesday Feb 28th, 2006

Tags: #Mindless
Tracklisting 1. Wat doe jij?!?
2. Mijn spiegel
3. Meneer Papa
4. De overwinning
5. Keizer Kinderporno
6. Broertje
7. Ze heette Debbie
8. Als ik het nou eens zo doe
9. 0906- L�KKER H�
10. C2
11. Maar dat is anders
Line up Tjeerd Visser – Guitar
Tim Engelaar – Vocals – guitar
Armand Knibbeler – Drums
Martijn Ophoff – Bass
Sjoerd Zaalberg van Zelst - Rap and keyboards