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Herman Rarebell - Too Late For Peace
As Metalrage headquarters received a shitload of new albums, I quickly searched for the cool ones. This one can be seen as a very cool and noisy one. Herman Rarebell hails from Poland and features members of Antigama (whom I also reviewed) and Third Degree. So yes, this is grindcore like stuff.
As soon as I played a track on their myspace site, I knew I was dealing with crusty grindy fastcore noise. I don’t know, if it’s dirty, fast and executed good, I like it. And this one certainly is. It reminds me of the Dutch band Insult a lot, which has now grown to be underground-cult. Herman Rarebell packs about the same speed and aggression, as well as the same vocal style. Which means dirty crust screams with deep grind grunts.
The not even 20 minute lasting album features some covers as well, one of Doom, which is also the longest song, and two Napalm Death tracks. All songs that relate perfectly to the noise that Herman Rarebell makes. And if you’re wondering where they got their name, look up what the name of the drummer for The Scorpions is.
That’s about all there is to say about this extremely noisy album. I like it, and I know that anyone into noisy crust grind will like it with me. Hail to Herman!
Herman Rarebell - Too Late For Peace
73/1001Details Selfmadegod Records
Released on Thursday Mar 9th, 2006

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Mar 2nd, 2006

Tags: #Herman Rarebell
Tracklisting 1. A Sample To Taste pt. 1
2. A Sample To Taste pt. 2
3. Observation
4. Too Late For Peace…
5. Alcoholocaust
6. Hermania
7. Rags to Rich’s (Doom cover)
8. /.../
9. Cage Of Life
10. Firing Squad
11. A Toy
12. Radio M
13. Red Ideology
14. Multinational Corporations ( Napalm Death cover)
15. Instinct Of Survival (Napalm Death cover)
Line up Dr. Harsh – vokills
Mr. Putrefied Soya – bass
Dr. Mabuse – guitarzzz
Blastard – drums