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Pitbulls In The Nursery - Lunatic
When I saw the name of this band I immediately had to check it out. It appeared to be a band from France, and the made a very interesting type of death metal. If you ask me, this is how Fear Factory should be sounding nowadays. Rhythmical, technical, and most of all, brutal!
The monstrous sound coming from my speakers right after a spacey intro that features monkey sounds grabs my attention immediately and I stop with everything that I’m doing. As somewhere around two minutes of this track a jazzy space part kicks in, I know I’m dealing with something very interesting here.
The thing that stands out the most is the bassdrum. There is an even more intense trigger sound on it that with Fear Factory to name something. Occasionally I think its to much, but most of the time I don’t really mind, due to the fact that there is so much going on on this album. The main thing you here on ‘Lunatic’ is high speed groove death metal combined with complicated rhythms and jazzy parts. Still not interested? Then let me tell you that the albums is mixed very brutal but still very clear as well. You can easily tell the bass from the guitars, and they both sound great!
There’s only one thing I have trouble getting used to. Namely the vocals, all I can say about them is that they’re brutal. As most rhythmical metal bands have a lot of high-pitched screams and some occasional grunts, this singer is almost a 100% grunter. Thank Satan the music makes up for that.
To conclude this review, I advise everyone into original metal to check this out. They themselves see it as a combination of  Dying Fetus, Death, Atheist and Messhuggah and I think that indicates pretty good what to expect. I hope to hear a lot more from this promising band in the future.
Pitbulls In The Nursery - Lunatic
82/1001Details Black Lotus Records
Released on Monday Feb 13th, 2006
death metal

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Mar 2nd, 2006

Tags: #Pitbulls In The Nursery
Tracklisting 1. Lente Agonie
2. Lunatic Factory
3. W. Crew
4. Impact
5. Corrupt TV
6. Strong
7. Antagony
8. Calibrated
9. Monkey’s Masturbation
10. La Norme
11. In My Veins
Line up Julien Foucault (Panda) – vocals
Simon Thevenet (Saom) – guitar
Mathieu Commun (Mat) – guitar
Frannois Ugarte (Francesco) – bass
Jertme Farion (Jerry) – drums