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Flesh Grinder - Coroner's inquest suit
The cool thing about Brazilian death metal and gore/grind bands is that they’re usually really extreme. Flesh Grinder is no exception. The music, the lyrics, the artwork, even the bands biography is over-the-top deranged and disgusting. Only for the truly sick fans of extreme and brutal music!! Luckily for me, I am one of those people…
The biography on the info sheet is taken from the bands website… I laughed my balls of reading it. I haven’t read this strange (not to say bad) English since the first Sepultura albums (The past reborns the storms and titles like that.) Anyway, it’s written like a news report and it tells you of what the band members do when they’re not destroying people’s eardrums: they dissect people, they hang them up like cattle, bury them and a whole lot more gruesome stuff. Go read it for yourself (after reading this review), it’s on their website.
Ok, enough bull… music!
Haemorrhage, Impetigo, Machetazo, Exhumed, but more raw and vile sounding.
A lot of fast parts; screaming guitars; rumbling, distorted bass; chaos! I love it!
And then there’s the vocals: insane!! Really sick screams and slightly pitch-shifted vocals, which sound like something from Jurrasic Park. I still love it!
The sound could have been better and it’s not always very tightly played, but I like the pure aggressive chaos of it all.
The mix is a bit low, but you’ve got a volume-switch or knob or whatever, right? Just play it fucking loud, that’s the whole idea!!
The artwork!! Hell yeah!
Really fucking sick! Arses with worms coming out of them and steel things going in them. Blood, guts, bloody saws, mutilated band members. And a whole lot more worms and maggots. Especially the cd itself looks great: a close up picture of some maggots in some brown, juicy stuff. Yuck, hahaha, awesome.
So… If you think you like extreme music, because you own a couple of Nile or Morbid Angel albums: go check this shit!! This is Extreme Mu-sick!!
Flesh Grinder - Coroner\'s inquest suit
82/1001Details goregiastic records
Released on Saturday Dec 31st, 2005
death grind

Writer @Semen on Friday Mar 3rd, 2006

Tags: #Flesh Grinder
Tracklisting 1. Cold Gangrene
2. Hemorragica
3. Putrescine
4. 700 Autopsies
5. Cadaveric saponification
6. Ruptured carcinoma of ascending colon
7. Rectal prolapse hemorroidal collapse
are you still reading this?
8. Flesh Grinder
9. T.B.N.C.I.H. - Necroconsume
10. Ritual Removal of the clitorus
do you have any idea how much it sucks: typing these titles!
11. CCCT Close Cranio Cerebral Trauma
12. Use an entroatoma in a blue vulva
13. blood, pus and gastric juice
what\'s wrong with titles like the Bleeding or Horrified? nice and short. and why are the letters on the info sheet so god damn small?
14. Four decades of gore
15. act I - shi
16. act II - Zombie flesheater
almost there...
17. act III - Antropophagus
18. act IV - Terror Brazilis
now, if you\'ve actually read all this, you must be really interested in this band. also you\'ve just wasted a lot of time. you could be on your way to the record store or ordering this album on the internet by now...
Line up Famg Necromaniac: skin addictions and abscesses
Ram the Butcher: mortuary services and cadaver molestation
Drh Khil: maggot madness
Cef the Bloody: scalpels master

(uhm... right...)