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Pustulated - Haematoma
I was contacted by Semen who said that Metalrage had a gigantic shitlist of nice albums, so I decided to make my pick. The first one is from Pustulated with their second full length called Haematoma. I was familiar with their Inherited Cryptorchidism record, which I found ultra brutal, so I was very interested in this new record from these guttural guys from Tennessee.
With the first track, you have defined the rest of the album, ultra brutal guttural death metal with links to Brodequin and Disgorge. After a few tracks it began to bore me, it isn’t really that kick ass. Nothing wrong with Pustulated, but I think they have done the same thing again, and the recording quality is even worse! Tracks with names like Dyerrhea Pallidum, Thoraric Gallagonal Aspiration and Expansion Of Subpleural Petachia: Heamodulation and Heamolysis are constantly spewed out in a fifth gear hellride. Nice to know is that ex-Brodequin drummer Chad Walls is hitting the drums, but due to the recording quality this is reduced to a constant buzz. Okay, it’s not so bad, but it could have been a lot better.
I really appreciate some of the tracks, but all of them together gets boring to me. Lovers of ultra brutal guttural US death metal will be pleased with this noisy record, but I must say I like I.C. from Pustulated better. Cheers!
Pustulated - Haematoma
69/1001Details Goregiastic Records
Released on Friday Dec 30th, 2005
Guttural Death Metal

Writer @Mat-Core on Friday Mar 3rd, 2006

Tags: #Pustulated
Tracklisting 1: Eosinophilis Tognosia
2: Sinsoriacanthromdebic Carcinoma - Lining the Vulvovaginal Trichomoniasis
3: Zacre
4: Dyerrhea Pallidum
5: Cut Into Pieces (Vengeance Rising cover)
6: Neuro-Dimebag Exhumation
7: Dementia Infinita
8: Thoracic Gallagonal Aspiration
9: Coronary Artery Thrombosis with Posterior Wall Myocardial Fibrosis
10: Adipocere: Sinking, Putrefaction and Re-floating
11: Expansion of Subpleural Petachia: Heamodulation and Heamolysis
12: Lupus Nephritis
Line up Guitar/Vocals - Andres
Guitar - Cory
Drums - Chad \"Capt. Killdrums\" Walls