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the Deviant - Ravenous Deathworship
I have been playing this album so much lately; I didn’t even realize it was playing when I wanted to start writing the review. So I open my cd player and find the album I was just about to play!! I think I will lend it someone for a couple of days before I get bored with it and never want to hear it again. But then again, I don’t think this album will ever bore me, this is something I will still play years from know, I’m sure!!
I had never heard of the Deviant before, but it said extreme metal, so I signed up for reviewing it. Not knowing what to expect and having no info on the promo or accompanying the promo I just pushed play… I was immediately blown away!!
A short search on the internet teaches me the Deviant is from Norway, came out of the ashes of 122-Stabwounds and almost everyone in the band used to play in Gehenna. E.N. Death and Blod played in both bands, Dolgar played in Gehenna (still does actually). Since I hadn’t heard anything about Gehenna for a while I assumed the band died a silent death, but it appears Sanrabb used to be part of the Deviant as well, but decided to focus on Gehenna again and released the black metal masterpiece WW in 2005.
Confusing? Never mind. I’ll start writing about Ravenous Deathworship now.
The Deviant sound like more modern Norwegian bands: an aggressive, dark mixture of death and black metal with an unbelievable fat sound. Names that come to mind: Zyklon (without industrial parts), Immortal (last 2 albums), Gehenna (quiet obvious), Khold (some of the slower parts) and Blood Red Throne. Yes indeed, this is typical Norwegian metal at it’s best!
I love the drum sound, very up front in the mix and really ass-kicking. Guitar riffs are catchy without losing impact. A fat bass sound and screaming guitar solo’s. Vocals that sound a lot like Abbath (Immortal.) (According to a friend of mine the vocals sound like Angelcorpse, but I’m not too familiar with their music, so I stick with Abbath.)
I don’t know what else to say…
This might very well become one of my favourite extreme metal albums of all time, also because of the great production. Right up there with Mysery Index’s Retalliate, Pig Destroyer’s Prowler in the yard and Zyklon’s World of Worms. I think that’s about the biggest compliment I personally could make about an album.
the Deviant - Ravenous Deathworship
98/1001Details tabu recordings
Released on Saturday Dec 31st, 2005
black/death metal

Writer @Semen on Friday Mar 3rd, 2006

Tags: #the Deviant
Tracklisting 1. Merciless 03:46
2. Genocide 02:48
3. Serpent 06:11
4. Intimate Skinning 02:51
5. Venom of Mankind 04:02
6. Purity of Hate 03:53
7. Sadosadistic 04:27
8. Perfect State of Death 03:55
9. Resurrection of Hate 06:13
Total playing time 38:08
Line up Dolgar - Vocals and bass
E.N. Death - Rhythm guitar
Violator - Lead and rhythm guitar
Blod - Drums