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Serpent Obscene - Chaos Reign Supreme
As the bio says, this is Serpent Obscene’s third recording of relentless thrash and death metal. This Swedish band claims to be liberated from all modern influences, relying on speed and brutality.
Well, they are right about that. Its fast, and its brutal. But is it interesting enough to listen to over and over again? Far from it I’d say. There are very, and I mean very few riffs that are likely to stick in your head. If you listen to other bands in the death/thrash genre you will notice that the death metal parts are for the extreme brutality, and a lot of the thrash riffs are made to awaken that particular feeling inside. Every (thrash)metal head who makes them want to crush and destroy everything around them; thus creating a moshpit when playing live. This band does not succeed in giving me that feeling once.
Something that is nice with this music as well is groove. But that is missing on the lion share of this album as well, making it all in all, just like they said, a fast and noisy album. Add to that the fact that it isn’t produced to clearly and you can guess how I got to this score.
I must say that I do appreciate the vocals, because they sound almost exactly like Legion of the Damned’s Maurice, high pitched and pissed off. But if that is your only strong point, you have a lot of improving to do I’d say. So in my opinion, put in a little of those modern influences and see what happens. Give your drummer some more freedom, besides poeka and blastbeats, who knows what it will lead to. This just doesn’t stick in my head at all.
Serpent Obscene - Chaos Reign Supreme
48/1001Details Black Lodge
Released on Friday Apr 21st, 2006
Thrash/Death metal

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Mar 7th, 2006

Tags: #Serpent Obscene
Tracklisting 1 Jackal Incarnate
2 Necro Angel
3 Crescendo of Violence
4 Death Obsessed
5 Sinister Faces
6 Confessor
7 Evil Ascends
8 Dawn of Suffer
9 Execution
10 Carnal Contortion
Line up Erik Tormentor - vokills
Johan Th�rngren - guitar
Nicklas Eriksson - guitar
Jonas Eriksson - drums
Jonny Putrid - bass