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Abantesma - Gods, Hate, War
Spain, a country that has quite a metal scene, unlike a lot of people might think. The underground is very much alive there, and Abantesma hails from the underground regions as well, creating harsh brutal death metal.
Now this is only a three track demo, but it gives a good impression on what these guys are capable of. That is making uninspired death metal that has been spewed out by most underground scenes in the higher regions of Europe already. There is absolutely nothing interesting about this recording, besides that you can have a good laugh when you read the lyrics (no idea what the storyline could be, just a collection of evil sounding sentences).
The riffs are older than Morbid Angel, the structures are too infantile to even discuss and the vocal lines are there because they simply have to be there. The only reasonable thing is the drumming, but since the mix isn’t that good it’s a bit lost in all the noise. The solo’s sound like they’ve been made up during the recording and I feel like the first riff of the second song is one of the last riffs in the first song. Wooptiefuckingdoo.
Now I don’t want to discourage this band, but I just feel like there is no more room for all this horse shit that has been regurgitated over and over so many times that it is starting to look like a ninety year old crack whore’s rectum. There’s no fun in it anymore, not in making it, listening to it, and sure as hell not in reviewing it. We know the trick by now, and its not working anymore.
Abantesma - Gods, Hate, War
30/1001Details independant
Released on Friday Nov 12th, 2004
Death metal

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Mar 7th, 2006

Tags: #Abantesma
Tracklisting 1. Conquest Blood
2. Gods, Hate, War
3. Nazarene Dethroned (Now the Gods)
Line up Josu´┐Ż Patuzzi – guitars
Carlos Metal – drums and voice
Thiago – bass