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Enter My Silence - Coordinate D1SA5T3R
Finally a melodic metal band that knows how to handle the genre. As I was getting sick of horrible vocals, cheesy melodies and weak compositions I finally found a band that does a decent job. But is it good enough?
That’s hard to say. The music consist of heavy, but melodic guitars, nice and agitated drums and most of all understandable heavy screaming vocals instead of horrible singing by a terrible grunting asshole. Oh the sweet salvation was my first reaction. But I think I judged to early, there is a big minor to be detected on this album.
And that minor is the fact that again the songs just wont stick in my head, while actually sounding like they were made for that purpose. The only track that really gets me going is the first one ‘Thin Red Line’. That has some interesting brutal guitar riffs supported by (slightly too soft) melodic guitars. So basically the only thing I have a remark for is the songwriting and –creating aspect.
It sounds like a good band with a lot of potential, one of the better melodic metal bands I’ve heard I quite a while. If the songs would have just grabbed me by the nuts to too let go until the gunshot shooting them off that is the end of the album I would have digged this absolutely. Now I feel like its just not there, but only barely.
Still, I certainly don’t want to discourage anyone, check this out if you’re in need of a melodic metal band that isn’t as gay as most are nowadays. It is produced excellently and it has some nice little tricks up it’s sleeve, but in the end the compositions and riffs can’t please me enough to be convinced by them.
Enter My Silence - Coordinate D1SA5T3R
68/1001Details JMT-Music
Released on Monday Mar 20th, 2006
melodic metal

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Mar 9th, 2006

Tags: #Enter My Silence
Tracklisting 1. Thin Red Line
2. Spin
3. For a Place in the Sun
4. Silent Treatment
5. Coordinate D1SA5T3R
6. The Paradox of Two
7. Insignificant
8. Unspoken Words
9. 9mms to Deliverance
Line up Teemu Hokkanen - drums
Arto Huttunen - guitars
Mika Lisitzin - vocals
Tuomas J�ppinen - guitars
Ville Friman - bass