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Void Rekordz (Various Artists) - Sol De Pedra
If I’m not mistaken here, I believe this is the very first death industrial record Metalrage has ever received. If you do not know what I mean by that term and you’re not into electronic music that makes you feel extremely uncomfortable, stop reading now. If you are and you’re looking for something new and uhhh… original? This is it, hell on earth.
Wow what the fuck was my first reply when I put in the disc. It said nowhere it was going to be this kind of extreme noise. Lately I’ve been very very slowly getting used to the idea of death industrial, but it still a hell of a job to listen to. I don’t even know what to say about it, but I guess most of us don’t. Here in Holland I have a couple of friends who dig the genre, we refer to it as ‘piep en kraak’, translated as beep and squeak or something. How most of the music sounds in words: krrrrrrrrrrrrrr, pzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, more rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, and even more boom, paf, kaboom, bif and kadeng. A bit like the sounds put in words at the old Batman series.
The songs all vary a lot, which of course happens when you have an album with various artists. But the use of different sounds, samples, spoken word passages (in all kinds of languages) and plain noise is surprisingly broad and dimensional if you have the guts to sit all the way through the end. High, low, slightly comfortable and spacey to obnoxious as watching Bob Saget present America’s Funniest Home Videos. I mean this stuff can seriously be used to torture suspects of international terrorism when played at a brain damaging level.
Now I am a big fan of stuff like Sunn 0))), and everything Mike Patton ever created, but this is still a whole different category of noise. I asked an expert to look at it, but he told me he knew none of the artists on this promotional disc that was only released with the first 200 issues of the first Sol De Pedra magazine of 2005. Its filled with artists form Void Records and they all seem to be quite all right if you ask me. This disc has definitely taken me a step closer towards becoming a fan of the genre and perhaps in the future I can really enjoy a nice album of kkkkkkkrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrggggg gggggggggggggggg gzzzzzzzzzzzzbbbbbb bbbbbbb bfffffffffffsss ssssssssssssssssssss sssssssiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiwwwwwwwww wwwwgggggggggggggkkkkooooooopsssssssssn nnnnnnnnnnnnBOOM!
Void Rekordz (Various Artists) - Sol De Pedra
No ScoreDetails Void Rekordz
Released on Saturday Jan 1st, 2005
death industrial

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Mar 9th, 2006

Tags: #Void Rekordz (Various Artists)
Tracklisting 1. Totenhaus – All You Need Is Hate
2. Insane Asylum – Untitled #2
3. Desolation Zone – Direct Stress And Strain
4. Kult – Whoredog
5. Niegrzeczna Pensjonarka – The Sieve Of Death
6. Kult – Ritual Of Silence
7. Nothingisttrue – Praise Hatred
8. Totenhaus – Asphodel Gardens Of Postcoital Melancholy
9. Horologium – There Will Be Night
10. Ambience – Ciclos
11. TWZ – Aegri Matris
Line up