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Rite - Hobo Metall
I Like Hobo's. I find them great instruments. No really. Stop laughing, you dick. I like Hobo's. They have a very unique distinctive sound to them, and always light up the room when ever a qualified person plays it. Hey, didn't I ask you to stop laughing? Alright, alright. There's nothing wrong with Hobo's. Fuck you. But anyhow. I was hoping to hear a sublime piece of Hobo music when I found an album called 'Hobo Metall' by the famous Slovakian composer 'Rite'.
The more disappointed I was to find out that 'Rite' is a Finnish metal group that play an insane combination of hardcore and metal, and that on the entire disc called 'Hobo Metall' merely contains absolute sublime metal with a sick drive and a brutal speed. Such a bummer. There I was, sitting down in my favorite designer chair, hoping to hear a tasteful set of hobo music, when all I got was absolute fantastic metal. Damn!
For me, a fan of Hobo's, this is a worthless album. I can't think of anything good to say about it. Except that if you don't like hobo's (but why would one dislike a hobo?), you will probably enjoy this very, very loud album. If you enjoy thoroughly hobo-free music in the style of Superjoint Ritual, Crowbar, if you enjoy hardcore, you will be an instant fan. Because this stuff is terrific. It's loud as hell (not that a hobo isn't!), it's overwhelming and it will most definitely annoy your neighbor (the one who plays trombone and has a lesbian cat named BooBoo), which is a good thing. Rite have delivered an album that can only be compared to a monster truck that lacks brakes, and is plowing it's way through an audience of decadent stupid hotdog chewing poodle owners. And if I wasn't such a big fan of hobomusic, I'd say: this is a great album.
I'd probably also admit that I never heard of 'Rite' before hearing this thundering piece of destruction. Which I would regret if I.. But anyhow, this stuff is great. Glad I heard it, 88 points. Not because it's the best thing I heard in long time, but to encourage these dudes to record more albums. Yes this is a fine disc. If screaming "HOBO METALL UP YOUR ASS!!!" wouldn't be an utter silly thing to do, I wouldn't hesitate. But I must really encourage these guys to evolve more of my favorite instrument in their music. Superb metal just won't do.
Rite - Hobo Metall
88/1001Details Suburban
Released on Wednesday Mar 15th, 2006
Metal Sans Hobo

Writer @Lex on Wednesday Mar 15th, 2006

Tags: #Rite
Tracklisting 01 Of Shit and a Fan
02 Blowflies
03 In Need of Discipline
04 Bullet Rush
05 Fistrule
06 I Will Let You Down
07 Ode to Nothing
08 Bottomfeeder
09 Full Frontal Backfire
10 Hobo War
Line up Vocals: Jarkko Laatikainen
Guitars: Sami Lintunen
Guitars: Janne Savolainen
Bass: Manu Kuitunen
Drums: Juha Kivikanto