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Witches' Sabbath - New World Plague
What’s this? Another band that thinks they can get away with creating a name that is very obviously based on the founders of the genre, Black Sabbath? Well, the name might remind you of it, the music sure as hell doesn’t.
What we’re dealing with right here is a very aggressive Spanish black/death metal act. The battering section unfortunately comes from a machine, but then again it's probably quite hard to find some monster that can keep up with the fast pass these guys play in.
Overall the riffs sound quite nice, varying from slightly grooving black/death stuff to the very fast black riffing, mixed in a typical underground sounding way. All accompanied by electronic blast beats and double basses.
So the music is quite nice, how about the vocals then? Well, the higher black metal screams please me, the lower death grunts are ok, but there’s a level in between, this guy makes a lot of use of, and that is not appealing to me at all. Sounds a bit like Chuck Schuldinger’s last hospitalised days or something. Also, there is some kind of evil, deep spoken vocal usage as well, that is not necessary to me at all.
There are some nice effects on the album that save a lot for me. Luckily there are not too much gay keyboard parts in it, because I fucking hate that. In general I quite enjoyed this record musically, vocally I have my doubts. I hope they’ll be able to find a drummer so we can experience something decent from Spain live soon. Welcome the New World Plague.
Witches' Sabbath - New World Plague
68/1001Details Necromance records
Released on Wednesday Mar 15th, 2006
black/death metal

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday Mar 15th, 2006

Tags: #Witches\' Sabbath
Tracklisting 1. False Truth Falls
2. Bloodshed
3. The Call of my Black Spirit
4. Legions of Death
5. Stormwrath
6. Silent Path to Die
7. Deep in the Flesh
8. Her Eternal Realm/Empress
9. Her Eternal Realm/Tribute
Line up Eduardo Salazar – guitars, sequences, samples
Luis Henr�quez – bass
Eduardo Rodr�guez – vocals, samples, additional sequences