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Malaise - Hypnotized by forgotten lies
I’m one of those people that really tries to listen to anything I’ve never heard of (so my cd-collection will never stop growing). Malaise is one of those bands in the category ‘Never heard of them before’. My chief editor described it as gothic. That made me curious, because I still did not know what to expect, is it gothic like in electro, or gothic rock or metal?
Malaise has its origin in Sweden, and ‘Hypnotized by forgotten lies’ is their 5th release. It is an EP with 5 tracks. So let’s check out if 5 songs are enough or if we want more.
My first thoughts after pressing the play button: “Yes! I just love David Bowie”. But after some seconds it is very obvious Malaise does not want to be a clone of Bowie. The vocals change into more dark metal-like vocals. But the Bowie vocals return. But you still don’t know what kind of gothic music it is. Well, these first 3 songs are some nice gothic rock compositions. They remind me of Moonspell, Type O Negative, Mortiis (3rd era) and especially Sisters Of Mercy. Yes indeed, when I was making a list with bands that might have influenced Malaise, and the name Sisters Of Mercy was written on the paper I thought, damn, why didn’t I noticed this right from the first tones. This really can be compared with the sisters. And that is in my eyes a very good thing. For those that don’t know Sisters Of Mercy, you should check out their song ‘Temple of love’ and you surely will agree on me. Even the vocals sound almost the same. Well, it still reminds me of David Bowie as well.

But with ‘Little girl of me’ Malaise is going in a different direction. The guitars make room for electronic instruments, just like the drum beats. This sounds more like Apotygma Berzerk. Well I like that as well.
And the last song actually combines the rock with the electro. But then they really surprised me with some nice doom metal grunts. The production of this EP is good and I can say the same about the compositions.
So do I think 5 songs are enough? No, after 20 minutes and 51 seconds my ears long for more Bowie of Mercy.
Malaise - Hypnotized by forgotten lies
80/1001Details Ultrachrome Records
Released on Friday Mar 17th, 2006

Writer @Arcane on Thursday Mar 16th, 2006

Tags: #Malaise
Tracklisting 1. This Is For A Friend
2. In Your Dreams
3. No Confusion
4. Little Girl Of Mine
5. Paradox
Line up Martin Danielsson
Fredrik Leijstr�m

Additional Malaise

Kim Blomkvist (Therion, Internal Decay, Livid, Sin) – Bass on ‘In your dreams’
Klara Norling – Additional vocals on ‘Little girl of mine’
Tobias Sideg�rd (Necrophobic) – Additional guitars on ‘This is for a friend’ and ‘In your dreams’
Stefan V�is�nen – Bass on ‘No confusion’