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Street Drum Corps - Street Drum Corps
Well to be honest I had no idea what to expect when I checked this out. But it said it was produced by DJ Lethal (ex-House of Pain, Limp Bizkit) of whom I used to be a big fan, so I felt like checking it out. Also it said it was percussion, something I can definitely appreciate. But can it measure up to the likes of STOMP?
Well, to be honest I was slightly disappointed when I first heard it. Metalrage-colleague Carn described it as basic nu-metal percussion stuff, and I must say at first I agreed with him. The disc offers a number of percussion tracks combined with electronic effects, and even a track with scratches from the old DJ comes along. But was that enough to satisfy my rhythmical boom boom tick tick noises desire? Not at all!
Until I watched the DVD that is. It is not so much the rhythms that these dudes play, it's what they use to create to rhythms with. All kinds of garbage is used as an instrument, like car rims, buckets, pots and pans, fire extinguishers, oil barrels, you name it, they hit it. They even recorded a track where they all just slam the doors of a car closed. Looks funny, and sounds funny too when you know what it looks like.

Now after seeing them do it all dressed up in weird outfits and facial paint, with extreme enthusiasm and quite accurate precision, it was quite a bit more interesting for me to listen to. But to be honest, to say that I would put it on for a spin every now and then is a bit too far-fetched. I mean, in what kind of mood would I be if I felt like hearing people hit garbage in a certain rhythm? I’d hang out in Slipknot’s rehearsal room for that! Whooo... did I just make a joke about my personal favourite band? Yes I did!
Well you can see that it's really hard for me to grade this. I’ve seen the work these guys put into it and how interesting it all looks, but then again I hear the disc and really can’t find a comfortable state of mind for it, except for that of listening to the rhythms all the time. Maybe that’s why they kept the record short in overall, to decrease the possibility of nervous breakdowns or something. But for those who are into percussion looking for new angles, certainly give this a try, the DVD really makes it worthwhile.
Street Drum Corps - Street Drum Corps
76/1001Details Warcon
Released on Tuesday Feb 21st, 2006

Writer @DemonDust on Friday Mar 17th, 2006

Tags: #Street Drum Corps
Tracklisting 1. Police Beat Introduction
2. Wrecks
3. Rabbit
4. Street Drum Corps
5. Bodysounds 101
6. Achilles (featuring John Sawicki of STOMP)
7. Flaco 81
8. BANG!!

Line up Frank Zummo
Adam Alt
Bobby Alt