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Southern Black Sand - Promo '05
Rock, heavy rock, thrash metal to metalcore. That’s what supposed to be on this album. It's all there in some kind of way, but Jesus how the hell did you work that out dudes?
This is one of the weirdest releases I’ve ever gotten. It came with a very unorthodox biography that hoped I would really like this band. That already slimmed the chances of that happening. But as they say, give ‘em a chance.
So I slide the disc in, and what I discover is a real weird mixture of those styles mentioned in the intro. I just don’t understand it, and I understand a lot, believe me! The music is produced pretty nice, but the structures are a mystery to me. I don’t know which way to go with these guys. I don’t think that they even know.
Now is it because these dudes suck so bad, or what is the case? I fear that I’m right. Now to move on to the most interesting part, the vocals. What the hell is your problem dude? Can’t you hear it sucks ass what you’re doing?!?! I hope it is all a big joke, otherwise there will be a lot of people laughing behind your back if you act like this is serious. This guy, who also happens to play the guitar, screams in a way I can’t even describe. But to give an indication, I’d say imagine a drunken drill sergeant stuffing himself with chicken wings on his abusive father’s birthday. Yeah, I got that pretty accurate actually.
As you can conclude, this is not a cool band that I will really like. This is one of those promo’s that you run into while cleaning your room and it gives you a little evil grin, knowing it SUCKS. Now I know this is quite a merciless review, but if you’d hear it you’d cry with me. To be honest I have a whole lot more to whine about (wtf is up with that band name?!?) but I’m not going to. The last words in the bio are; ‘the band plays for real thing…be sure!’ Well, the band is fucking the real thing in the ass with a strap-on…be sure!
Southern Black Sand - Promo '05
26/1001Details independant
Released on Tuesday Nov 1st, 2005
Thrash rock something

Writer @DemonDust on Friday Mar 17th, 2006

Tags: #Southern Black Sand
Tracklisting 1. Disappear – Level 1
2. Nothing
3. Slipping
4. Late
5. Disappear – Level 2
Line up Max – guitars, vocals
Pat – drums
Rick – bass