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U.S. Bombs - We Are The Problem
The U.S. Bombs have been through hell. To look at the bands turbulent history, you would swear they had a curse on their heads. In the last year alone, the band has suffered some lethal blows (fist fights and band break-ups) and broken hearts (the loss of childhood friends and loved ones) that should have ended them.
As the intro already said: that should have ended them…oh well! I got a question then! Why the **** didn’t they?!
As I received the album the first thing I did was taking a good look at the cover. Not very special but in some way it makes me even more curious to the music on this disc. Unfortunately the cover is the only good thing about this album. No, that’s not true! I also like the name of the label: ‘I Used To Fuck People Like You In Prison’ Records, what a well-chosen name that is! But over to the so-called ‘music’ now.
As the first tracks starts I immediately cover my ears. Did I really just hear that?! Ouch! Now I understand why vocalist Duane Peters is called ‘The Master of Disaster’. I’m sorry guys but this music has hardly anything to do with punk, in fact, in my opinion I can hardly call it music. And think about it whatever you like to think about it, but the vocals I’m not even going to describe!
The fifth track, ‘Heartbreak Motel’, sounds like a bad rip-off of the famous ‘Felix’ commercial (Felix catfood I mean). And then the song ‘Tonight’, well… I don’t know what it’s supposed to be but I do know that this has nothing to do with punk or rock ‘n roll. This is just bad! God! I’d rather hear Herman (from Idols) sing a song. And it might be hard to believe right now, but I hate to say things like these about a band. On the other hand, I just didn’t have a choice this time.
My conclusion will be short this time and it only contains a tip: check out the album title! (Although the word ‘problem’ could easily be replaced by the word ‘DISASTER’.)
U.S. Bombs - We Are The Problem
35/1001Details \'I Used To Fuck People Like You In Prison\' Recor
Released on Monday Mar 13th, 2006

Writer @Boek on Saturday Mar 18th, 2006

Tags: #U.S. Bombs
Tracklisting 01. We Are The Problem
02. Don\'t Get Me Wrong
03. Do It Again
04. Revolution Weekend
05. Heartbreak Motel
06. 4th Of July
07. Destroy The Nation
08. Hammered Again
09. Last Dischord
10. Just Like You
11. Locked In My Skin
12. Guns Of The West
13. Back Inside
14. Tonight
15. Cheers
Line up Duane Peters - Vocals
K-Bomb - Guitar
Curt Stitch - Guitar
Andy Dahill - Bass
Jamie - Drums