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Putrid Pile - The Pleasure Of Suffering
I believe it was some months ago when I first heard Putrid Pile. I was astonished and brutally earfucked by the immense brutality and the insane kick ass hooks that were thrown through my speakers. Now, I have the new Putrid Pile record called The Pleasure Of Suffering. I was curious about it, but when I actually heard it for the first time, I was a little bit disappointed. It’s not that Shaun LaCanne (Lividity) didn’t do his best, but he used a different approach.  
The reason why I was disappointed is that there is less structure and more technical nonsense. I really like that old skool double-bass/blast mayhem and there was enough of that on Collection Of Butchery, the last record. I miss it here, but the music still is not too bad. People with a taste for ultra brutal guttural death metal, as they can only make in the US, will have a perfect opportunity to jack off on it. Songs like Rush Hour Killing Spree and Battered Bitch really reminded me of Prostitute Disfigurement, and I really enjoyed those songs. Caged And Awaiting Death, is a track that I found really insane because of the great riffs.
After hearing this album a couple of times, I still have my mixed feelings. It’s brutal and certainly well-sounding, but it lacks on something. I can’t really explain what, but Collection Of Butchery was more overwhelming than this new record. I don’t say that this record isn’t worth your money, because it really is. It’s indeed somewhat more technical and the vocals still sound the same as ever (Imagine a drunken Rottweiler that smoked 76 bags of tobacco and tries to cough it up at once) I would say this new record isn’t the bomb, but certainly not too bad either!
Putrid Pile - The Pleasure Of Suffering
79/1001Details Goregiastic Records
Released on Wednesday Nov 30th, 2005
Guttural Death Metal

Writer @Mat-Core on Sunday Mar 19th, 2006

Tags: #Putrid Pile
Tracklisting 1. My Inner Demon 03:52
2. STFC (Strangle the Fucking Cunt) 03:07
3. Rush Hour Killing Spree 03:24
4. Putrid Pile (Of Rotting Corpses) 03:01
5. Baby Brains 00:07
6. Gorging On Labia 03:13
7. Rip Her to Shreds 02:39
8. Battered Bitch 02:41
9. Bind, Torture, Kill 00:58
10. Caged and Awaiting Death 03:20
11. Circlepit Commando 01:48
12. Food for the Maggots 03:24
Line up Guitarse/Vocals/Bass - Shaun LaCanne
Drums - Derek Hoffman
Guitar - Chuck Murray