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Defloration - Dripping With Blood
I was really overloaded with ultra brutal death metal from all around the world this month. I really don’t have a problem with that. Especially when one of them is one of Germany’s most brutal bands called Defloration. I watched this band perform on Obscene Extreme 2005 and was so overwhelmed that my shit didn’t need pushing out, it just vibrated out of my anus! Definitely a band that I had to review! This record is also their first full-length, so it's their debut too.
Defloration start out their record with A.C.S. and that one masterfully kicks in with brutal drumming, shredding guitar riffs and a really pumping bass. The music lines aren’t too complicated, but not too easy as well. The addiction of hearing brutal death metal is still growing for me and Defloration have immediately contributed their part to my long path of ear destructing. What a goddamn brutal band! The next song Suicidal Tendency isn’t really different, but the guitars tend to turn more melodically. Now, don’t expect this band to turn soft, because it simply won’t. No fancy guitar trickery, just plain no-nonsense brutality with a lot of variation in it. Well, I’m certainly in for more and it was given to me by the supreme song Cannibalistic Terror. As you have guessed, the titles aren’t that interesting, but who cares about titles. This is festival music, extreme brutal when you are extremely wasted with alcohol. Get this band on stage on a mayor festival, and the moshpit will start immediately.
I think it’s important for a band to kick ass live, and Defloration certainly qualify that part. I was astonished on Obscene and with some luck, will be astonished again on the Fuck The Commerce IX festival, where Defloration will perform again. Back to the album, it’s not so overwhelming as a live performance, but that’s something you’ll never hear in this kind of music. Defloration have come close though, and I really recommend this album for almost every death metal freak that can listen to bands like Cannibal Corpse, Debauchery, Suffocation and Six Feet Under.
Defloration - Dripping With Blood
84/1001Details Remission Records
Released on Friday Feb 17th, 2006
Brutal Death Metal

Writer @Mat-Core on Sunday Mar 19th, 2006

Tags: #Defloration
Tracklisting 1. A.C.S. 03:04
2. Suicidal Tendency 03:36
3. Personal Vendetta 03:02
4. Rotten Creeping Body 03:11
5. Warped Accouchement 03:05
6. Humanity vs. Paranoia 02:47
7. Cannibalistic Terror 03:34
8. Nostradamus 02:55
9. The blade Is My Judge 03:51
10. Misanthropic Instinct 03:23
11. Xtreme Blowjob 03:04
12. Made Of Dust 04:26
Line up Vocals - Uwe Rödel
Guitar - Bertram Tischendorf
Guitar - Sebastian Lau
Bass - Repper (Marko Reppe)
Drums - Försti (Christian Förster)