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Crystal Pistol - Crystal Pistol
Glamrock that is something that I surely appreciate when I have enough alcohol in my blood and feel like rocking ‘n rolling. Other times I just listen to it to have a good laugh. Some bands in that particular genre have built up a legendary reputation in the eighties which still pays their bills. Will Crystal Pistol join those ranks of extraordinaire make-up rockers?
NO! They will surely not. It took me one spin to find that out. All eleven songs sound exactly the same and it just pisses me off. Mixed by legend Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Metallica, Aerosmith, Guns ‘n Roses) the songs all sound nice, but the riffs are older than Ozzy fucking Osbourne. These guys need to buy the entire discography of the Mötley Crüe and see how it's supposed to be done.
The album also features a ballad like track, like “Salt of the Earth” where it comes very apparent that this dude is not that great a singer. In average the tempo on the album is way slow too to give you that typical rock ‘n roll feeling. The solo’s are far from refreshing, but then again, so is the rest of the music so you might say they fit right in. This stuff really bores you to tears.
Now after giving it some more spins I still couldn’t discover something that makes this band stand out, besides the good mixing (ah well, to be honest I agree on them shouting live fast, die young). And a slogan like ‘everybody hates you when you love rock ‘n roll’ is too dumb for me. I don’t know what it's like in Canada, but about half the world is listening to some form of rock ‘n roll by now. Perhaps everybody hates them, because they suck at making rock ‘n roll.
Another interesting fact, the person that wrote the bio felt that it was necessary that this band contains people with criminal records, which could prevent them from doing a world tour. Is that to threaten me to write a positive ass-kissing review or to comfort me with the fact that they will probably never come here to play? Ah whatever…
Crystal Pistol - Crystal Pistol
40/1001Details Bad Reputation
Released on Thursday Mar 31st, 2005

Writer @DemonDust on Monday Mar 20th, 2006

Tags: #Crystal Pistol
Tracklisting 1. Watch You Bleed
2. Rockstar
3. Locomotive
4. Line It Up
5. Salt Of The Earth
7. Shake
8. All The Freaks
9. Live Fast
10. Teenage Parasite
11. No Fun City
Line up Brian Bresset - lead guitar, backing vocals
Dave Troutman - Drums
Mik Ireland - lead vocals
Pinto - lead guitar
Greg Laikin - bass,backing vocals