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Cronian - Terra

About 6 years ago Borknagar mastermind Oystein G. Brun and Vintersorg (currently baring the moniker Mr. V) and also of Borknagar fame, decided that they wanted to do a more atmospheric side project next to their main bands. After actually finding the time to do so Cronian's album Terra is the first exponent of this collaboration.

Supposedly more soundtrack oriented, the first thing noticed is that the overall sound of
both men their main bands is not altogether abandoned. The typical Vintersorg vocals are
unmistakenly his and the style of the compositions remains also very reminiscent of Borknagar. The interchanging clean and black rasp vocals also strongly suggest a link between the project and it's peers.

The quality of the material, therefore, is quite high. Typical Brun guitar licks are mixed with
cosmic synth sounds, some programmed beats and more ambient oriented material. Definetly less 'black metal' than the bands they originated from, Terra certainly forges it's own place somewhere in between them. 

The only downside to this, is a bit of a lack of pace in the material. Being all cosmic and atmospheric the material sometimes tends to drag along a little. While the compositions are varied and layered enough to ecourage multiple listens, I personally would have like some more action throughout the songs. But then again, this album would probably be a lot more like Borknagar or Vintersorg.

People who like their black metal adventurous and cosmic and fans of Borknagar or Vintersorg should definitely find something of their interest here.

Cronian - Terra
Released on Wednesday Mar 22nd, 2006
Black Metal

Writer @Ce-El-Wan on Wednesday Mar 22nd, 2006

Tags: #Cronian
Tracklisting 1. Diode Earth (5:00)
2. Arctic Fever (5:43)
3. Cronian (5:19)
4. Iceolated (7:08)
5. Colures (3:12)
6. The Alp (6:04)
7. Nonexistence (5:06)
8. Ullumine (7:13)
9. End(durance) Part I (1:51)
Line up Oystein G. Brun - Guitars, Synths, Programming
Mr. V - Synths, Programming, Vocals