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The Legion - Revocation

Marduk's drummer his other band, The Legion, returns with their new album Revocation. Not to be mistaken for a Marduk or Dark Funeral type of hyperblast black metal band, The Legion do bring some variation to the table, but if that's enough?

The problem with these kind of bands is that it's all about atmosphere. It grabs you by the nuts or not. And in this case it's the latter.
While The Legion are a technically very proficient band, knowing their classics and are able to write a decent tune, it all really passes by me in a unmemorable blaze. While not altogether resorting to blasts and fast riffing, the pace is fairly high throughout the album with a few more death metal and tech thrash oriented breaks and parts. 

These moments are welcome and do bring some variety to the whole experience but the lack of really memorable riffs and melodies downgrade it somewhat. After repeated listens nothing really sticks in my head, and while the band may refer to that as if the material has to grow on you, there should be at least one or two things that asks for another listen. And frankly, there isn't.

Then again, let's not be too negative. If technical black metal, in the vein of Marduk and Dark Funeral with some death and thrash elements is your cup of tea, it might be a great album for you. The overall quality of the material and how it's played just can't be denied. For me it just doesn't click and that's really the most important thing. 

You have to be moved in one way or another.

A 70 for effort then.

The Legion - Revocation
70/1001Details Listenable Records
Released on Wednesday Mar 22nd, 2006
Black Metal

Writer @Ce-El-Wan on Wednesday Mar 22nd, 2006

Tags: #The Legion
Tracklisting 1. Grotesque Savior (6:29)
2. Virtue Of Sin (3:38)
3. Annihilation Chaos (4:01)
4. Horror Vacui (6:12)
5. Impious Gathering (3:06)
6. Bloodgate (7:00)
7. Deadlight Afterglow (5:13)
8. Carnal Harvest (4:23)
9. Nocturnal Apparition (5:55)
Line up D. Svartz - Guitar
E. Dragutinovic - Drums
K. Hektoen - Vocals
R. Kottelin - Guitar