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Charley Horse - Unholy Roller
Yeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaa! Now here’s something I never listen, but definitely like. LOUD rock ‘n roll, a stand-up bass, and horrible vocals. This band would fit right in at a Dutch carnaval parade if you ask me!
Punkrock ‘n roll with a big dose of countryblues, what the fuck has this to do with Metalrage? I have no fucking idea but for some odd reason I like it very much. Its dirty, its nasty, it makes me feel like drinking till I fall down and waking up in the middle of the street with a massive hangover and a horse shoe stuck in my ass which says Charley Horse. Okay, perhaps not all that, but you catch my drift probably. The vocalist of this band does sound like that happened to him right before he sang all the songs by the way. And that isn’t even a bad thing!
Whatever song I play, I start smiling. Perhaps because every time I play it I have to think of beer, lots and lots of beer, entering my belly. I don’t even wanna talk about the music, I just want to have a good party with a bar full of fat, sweaty, bearded, drunk, too small white tank top wearing truckers and bikers. I wish I had boots with trunks on them right now.
But there’s more! This band also contains the love of my life, under the name of Corey Parks (ex-Nashville Pussy). A tattooed, big boobed pretty girl that plays stand-up bass. Oh my god I’m melting! But before I do, I want to ask her to marry me through this review. For real.
But seriously, this band is all about having fun in the sun. Sounds ideal to listen while driving through a desert too though. Too bad there are no deserts here.
The album has a big collection of interesting samples too, and a lot of them I cannot even place. But there are the sounds of smashing glasses, which gives that good ol’ barfight feeling. Why the fuck am I still blabbering and are you still reading. Check it out right now if you can relate to the text written above. If not, then you’re probably a loser. A loser with an office job. Yuck!
Charley Horse - Unholy Roller
83/1001Details I Used To Fuck People Like You In Prison Records
Released on Monday Apr 17th, 2006
BluesRock \'n RollCountry Punk

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Mar 23rd, 2006

Tags: #Charley Horse
Tracklisting 1. Bad Ass Dad
2. Backdown
3. Bodies Piled Up
4. Eastbound & Down
5. Tijuana
6. Trainwrecks Always Leave On Time
7. Got The Roscoe?
8. We All Fall Down
9. Cleopatra’s Bed
10. Loco
Line up Sean Wheeler – vocals
Chopper Von Franklin – guitar
Pitstop Tragedy – guitar
Corey Parks – bass
Robert Shawn – drums