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Fear Of Eternity - Spirit of Sorrow
Untill now all the cd’s I’ve reviewed were quiet ok or good. I never received an album that sucked. Well, the first bad album is a fact, and it’s called ‘Spirit of Sorrow’ by Fear Of Eternity.
I had never heard of this band before, but I’m really not ashamed of that.
The first note I heard when I pressed the playbutton sounded ok, for an intro. But the intro never ended, the complete songs sounded like it. When the vocals came in I thought: Well, that sounds okay, it has this really evil feeling. But after a few minutes the vocals became very boring, and even irritating because they don’t have any variation.

Usually I love songs with a long playtime. But the 2nd song on ‘Spirit Of Sorrow’ with 7:16 minutes never seemed to end. Damn, I almost fell asleep. The vocals are boring, the songs have no aggression or emotion and the production is very thin. Fear Of Eternity is a one man band, but I really think Andrea Tilenni should be looking for some new bandmembers, that give him more inspiration. There is really no exception on this cd, not even one single song that sounded interesting.
So if you want to need a gift for someone’s birthday you actually don’t like, give him ‘Spirit Of Sorrow’
Fear Of Eternity - Spirit of Sorrow
35/1001Details Moribund Records
Released on Monday Feb 20th, 2006
black metal

Writer @Arcane on Friday Mar 24th, 2006

Tags: #Fear Of Eternity
Tracklisting 1. Staring at the dark
2. A Torrent in my veins
3. Atrocious pain
4. Silences fortification
5. Spirit of sorrow
6. Sad dreams
7. That rainy day
8. Tormented heart
Line up Andrea Tilenni – all instruments