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Red Harvest - Internal Punishment Programs
This album by Red Harvest is a couple of years old. Semen was supposed to review this record, but due to an error and very little time, I was forced to take it over. No problem, I thought, because Red Harvest is a band that has pleased me with their previous recordings. Internal Punishment Programs is the record I’m going to review. For detailed information about this band, please visit the website, because the story is quite interesting and detailed.
The records starts with a short sample and after that, the first real track called 'Fall Of Fate' kicks in. The drums sound mechanical as do the guitars, but the sound is so brutally recorded and mastered that I found it nice to listen to. I was missing the industrial parts but with 'Mekanizm' the sound was clearly industrial. I have recently become a big fan of goa and progressive trance and tekno, so electronical parts are always appreciated. After this electronical interlude, Red Harvest kick your ass again with 'Symbol Of Decay', my favourite track on this album. The sound is very mechanical again and gets you into a trance. The vocals are great as well, because Ofu Kahn sounds very brutal. Hoarse screams with deep grunts are always welcome! The track suddenly changes into some kind of Napalm Death drumming with freaked up guitars! Yeah, I really love this shit. Black metal isn’t feared as well, because the guitar intro of Synthesize My DNA sounds quite Immortal like, except that the drums aren’t that fast. Very nice track as well.
Yes, this is the perfect record for a late evening, when work/school was annoying and made you completely exhausted. Listening to this record will make you forget every days sorrow. It did for me anyway. The nice thing is that I couldn’t say to which genre this music belongs. I’ve heard so much different influences, but I would like to conclude by saying that this will appeal to certain people.
Red Harvest - Internal Punishment Programs
80/1001Details Nocturnal Art/Relapse
Released on Thursday Apr 1st, 2004
Industrial Metal

Writer @Mat-Core on Saturday Apr 1st, 2006

Tags: #Red Harvest
Tracklisting 1: Intro
2: Anatomy Of The Unknown
3: Fall Of Fate
4: Abstract Morality Junction
5: Mekanizm
6: Symbol of Decay
7: Teknocrate
8: Synthesize My DNA
9: Wormz
10: 4-4-1-8
11: Internal Punishment Programs
Line up Samples/Programming/Synth - Lrz.. .
Guitar - TurboNatas
Vocals - Ofu Kahn
Bass - Thomas B
Drums - E_Wroldsen