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Scott Stapp - The Great Divide

A few months ago Scott Stapp released his first solo album. As most of you will know Scott Stapp was the vocalist of Creed, the big rock band from America which sold around ten million copies of their second album, Human Clay. Wheatered was the next and the last album that was released, in 2001. In 2004 Creed decided to break up because of the different musical directions that Scott and guitar player Mark Tremonti wanted to take. Founding members Mark Tremonti, Scott Phillips, and Brian Marshall then formed Alter Bridge and Scott decided to start his solo career, which debut, ironically, is called “The Great Divide”.

So the first thing I was interested in were the lyrics of the title song, did it refer to the break up of Creed? I couldn’t find any clue what was meant with The Great Divide, but it seems just an ordinary love song. Anyway, the title of the CD couldn’t represent a new musical path that is taken, because it’s mainly in the vein of the Creed material. This might sound very logical, because a singer is often the most significant part of a band, but also the instrumental part is very much like Creed.

The CD kicks of with a good heavy rock song, “Reach out”, and it shows already in the first 30 seconds that Scott is full of energy which needs to get out. The voice of Scott is off course very recognizable, but sounds less Grungy as before. The song has a catchy chorus and I’m sure this track will do really good live. Unfortunately this was already the best track of the album, which doesn’t implicate that the other songs suck, but they’re just less successful in transferring the energy. For instance the next song, “Fight Song”, annoys me a bit because of the dull lyrics in the chorus: “I'm still healing, No I'm not reeling, Yes I'm feeling, This is my fight song!” It’s just too simple and almost puberal. Contradictory, “

"Hard Way" is a more mature rock song with a nice staccato riff combined with a good guitar melody, it has a really nice flow. The following songs then are a bit slower and more use of an acoustic guitar is being made, which results in some good radio friendly songs. The last song is a lovely ballad which starts with a piano tune followed by some strings, which play a major role in the rest of the song.

When listening to the debut CD of Alter Bridge, “One Day Remains”, I must conclude that ex-Creed guitarist Mark Tremonti has made the biggest musical change: there are more solos and metal influences than can be found in Creed. Scott staid closer to the sound of Creed, so if you liked Creed you can buy his record blindly. Unfortunately it has too little songs which really jump out, but it’s a very decent rock album, which certainly can be found in my CD player from time to time, only already for the killer opener.

Scott Stapp - The Great Divide
74/1001Details Wind-Up
Released on Tuesday Nov 22nd, 2005

Writer @Sledgehammer Messiah on Monday Apr 3rd, 2006

Tags: #Scott Stapp
Tracklisting 1. Reach Out
2. Fight Song
3. Hard Way
4. Justify
5. Let Me Go
6. Surround Me
7. The Great Divide
8. Sublime
9. You will Soar
10. Broken
Line up Scott Stapp – Vocals
John Curry – Guitar
Aristides Rincon - Guitar
Mitch Burmann – Bass
Mark Archer – Drum