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Manngard - Circling Buzzards
Manngard was a name that did not ring a bell when I first heard it. I was interested in reviewing this band and found out that this wasn’t exactly what I hoped for. I don’t have their biography, but I would recommend reading everything about this band on their own webpage. The album is entitled Circling Buzzards and has been released on Candlelight Records.
The album starts out with very interesting freaked up guitar riffs and quite technical drums. So far, so good, but when the vocals kick in, I almost fell out of my chair. What a crap is this? I don’t like hissing raped hyena vocals like this! The music and song writing sounded familiar to me though, I found it resembling to Maple Cross, a very interesting Finnish band with vocals that make you rock your socks off. The screaming and grunting is almost the same, but the problem with Manngard is that their vocalist does not make me feel happy, like Maple Cross did. I rather got deeply depressed by these vocals, but enough of that.

The music is very thrashy and modern sounding. I won’t say anything bad about the music, because that simply kicks ass, it’s just the vocals that ruin everything for me. Okay, I will not keep jabbering about this. An interesting fact is that this album is a concept album, handling about brutal killings and dark murders. I must admit that after listening to this album 5 times, I began to like this brutal machine. Funny, because the vocals still do not really appraise me, but that music, goddamnit!!!!
If you are interested in bands like The Haunted, Maple Cross or At The Gates, you should pick this one up. I would have liked different vocals, but things are as they are and Manngard certainly have done a great job in my eyes and ears. The only negative point I could give to you is those pretty boring vocals, which really did not sounded better after listening this album for 10 times…. Enough said.  
Manngard - Circling Buzzards
72/1001Details Candlelight Records
Released on Monday Feb 20th, 2006

Writer @Mat-Core on Thursday Apr 6th, 2006

Tags: #Manngard
Tracklisting 1. Wreathed In Rot
2. Safe With Me
3. Gravegang
4. Tomb Of God
5. Bury The Head
6. Unattainable Fuck
7. Into The Quagmire
8. It Was Demons
9. Blood On My Face
Line up Vocals - Olav Iversen
Guitars - Olav Kristiseter
Drums - Iver Sandoey
Bass - Einride Torvik