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Elysium - Feedback
Elysium was founded in 1996 and one year later they recorded their first demo. There were a few line-up changes but in 2000 there was a steady line up. Only guitarist Bartek Nowak was replaced by Michal Wlosik, just before the tour. In February of this year Elysium started the recordings for Feedback, which we are now going to review. The first impression I get when hearing the songs is about the overwhelming amount of other bands who produce the same sound. I can name 20 bands who don�t sound any note different from Elysium. This doesn�t mean the album is bad, in the contrary. The pure mix of aggressive Swedish trash like In Flames, At The Gates and Dew-Scented is very good to listen and the technique of the musicians is considerably high. In songs like Aeolian Choreography and Sinusoid Forward the energy just bursts out. The guitarwork, combined with the neat drumparts, is very impressive and the quality is very high. The vocals are fairly aggressive like Callenish Circle and Dew-Scented. Unlike these other bands, Elysium have put down a distant sound with the vocals and haven�t used any fringes in the producing. The whole thought behind Feedback is the alienation of individuality, because of the modern communication technologies. Many bands use this Matrix like topic for their material nowadays, but with the very intelligent lyrics Elysium have pronounced, they actually have something to say. Good work! Now, this is a record that settles my appetite. With it�s pure �No Nonsense� trash in the very style of In Flames and with a deeper, darker touch of the Melodic Death Metal like Dark Tranquillity Feedback is a record you should check out. Just visit their site and try to listen to some of the material from Feedback. Track Listing: 1: World Hello Day 2: Feedback 3: Aeolian Choreography 4: 4.48 (For Sarah) 5: Sinusoid Forward 6: Venus Project 7: Departure Fresco 8: Digital Future Anthem 9: Suicide Generation Line Up: Vocals � Maciej Miskiewicz Guitars � Michal Maryniak Guitars � Michal Wlosik Bass � Roman Felczynski Drums � Maciej Oryl
Elysium - Feedback
82/1001Details Metal Mind
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Mat-Core on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Elysium
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