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Silverbug - Your Permanent Record
I really needed something different to listen to and thought: Let’s do something funny, let’s review a rock n’ roll album! I picked Silverbug with Your Permanent Record. Silverbug is a band that creates raw sounding rock n’ roll with several stoner influences. A band like The Hellacopters is nice comparison material and I enjoy listening to that band. A nice detail is that this band hails from Sweden, and has eaten from the same plate alongside bands as Spiritual Beggars and Grand Magus. Owh yeah, before I forget, the drummer is a very pretty lady that also does backing vocals! Neat!!
Your Permanent Record starts out with the astonishing song ‘Rub It Off On Me’. Very weeping guitars, psychedelic tunes and good ol’ rock and roll! This is making me feel 17 and alive! The album has 14 of these tracks in store and there are a whole lot of bands that pop into my head when I listen to those tracks. Monster Magnet is one of those names, which returned most often in my head. Especially the excruciatingly beautiful track ‘She Needs Lobotomy’, which is really a track that stayed creeping up while I drove my car, or worked for school. The music is easily followed and not especially technical, but the riffs just sound natural. Another nice track which makes the tempo go up is ‘Outta Luck’ which is a classical garagepunk song, I love it!
Concluding this review, I would like to say that I was positively surprised about this record. The album title Your Permanent Record is a bit lame, but after hearing this album for the zillionth time, I must say that this record is quite permanent for me. I’ll probably be listening to this album when I’m 30. Hell Yeah!
Silverbug - Your Permanent Record
Released on Wednesday Jan 25th, 2006
Rock n\' Roll / Punk

Writer @Mat-Core on Thursday Apr 6th, 2006

Tags: #Silverbug
Tracklisting 1. Rub It Off On Me
2. Death In The Afternoon
3. Let\'s Get Lost
4. Steal The Rhythm
5. She Needs Lobotomy
6. What\'s It All About
7. Full Speed Ahead
8. Good As Me
9. Chew
10. Louisiana Hayride
11. Outta Luck
12. Hey! That\'s Dynamite
13. Betcha
14. Auto Get Me
Line up Vocals/Guitar - Chris N
Bass/Backing Vocals - Han Sola
Guitar/Backing Vocals - Von Home
Drums/Backing Vocals - Marta